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  1. attika89

    Recommendation needed: CK10 or MTP Copper? (old thread new question)

    I need an IEM for about $200 what I would use with my Cowon S9 unamped... I need comfort, good build and sound quality, isolation. Now I have a Sennheiser CX95 and I need more. More clarity, and better overall quality. My music preference is in my profile, but here it is: Nightwish...
  2. attika89

    Which one? Please vote!

    Hy guys! I'm a bit confused about choosing my first headphones and I found these three to compete: Audio Technica ATH M50 $90 !!! Shure SRH840 <$150 Denon D1001 I'd use them unamped with a Cowon S9 (pretty good source as I know) I need a good allrounder (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal ...
  3. attika89

    Still needs help!

    Hy everyone! I'm a new member of head-fi forum 'n I'm planning to buy my first quality headphone. I'm from Hungary so sorry for my English if its not so good... So the case is that I have a few headphones picked and I just dont know which one should I get... The competitors are: Denon...