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  1. ThomasLi

    Onkyo A-5VL - A game changer

    I have this amp and I think it's a real gem, great dac, good phono stage, the headphone stage is 95% of my dedicated headphone amp that costs about the same as the A5VL. It also drives my bookshelf speakers wonderfully, couldn't be happier with it.  
  2. ThomasLi

    Best way to spend my $1000

    If I had $1000? Stax SRS 2170 system + Musical Fidelity VDAC mk2 Super nice little system, would be awesome for acoustic/jazz.
  3. ThomasLi

    Good Amp and Dac for use with Sennheiser HD 650

    For a tight budget if you want something stellar should look at the second hand forum or a DIY kit, something like the bottlehead crack.
  4. ThomasLi

    UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

    Just wondering if anyone is driving from Oxford and is willing to carpool? I will cover some of the petrol cost obviously and will provide good company as well :). Send me a pm.
  5. ThomasLi

    Best $300~ headphones for music listening?

    Don't worry about anything higher than cd quality, it's advantages are dubious/debatable. There's an interesting thread here:\ To my ears/equipment, modern lossy formats like LAME encoded mp3 and aac are transparent at pretty...
  6. ThomasLi

    Looking for headphones with bloated treble and crisp bass

    Quote: Seeing as you seem to know exactly what you want from your FR, why don't you just EQ (to the extreme) something with a relatively flat response. Also, nice to see some humour on head-fi.  
  7. ThomasLi

    Massive price increase on Sennheiser HD650?

    You might be interested in looking at this website, it shows you how the prices on amazon have changed.
  8. ThomasLi

    Just received my ATH M50's. Why do they sound just like my $40 headphones?

    In my experience, you don't truly appreciate how good an upgrade sounds until you have had time to get to accustomed to the sound, and then when you switch back to something not as good it just doesn't sound right.
  9. ThomasLi

    New to Audiofilia, Unfortunate Budget

    As a fellow student I have found that the best option is always to buy second hand, as long as you don't have any hang-ups about wearing something that other people have worn/sweat in/who-knows-what for hundreds of hours. 1. Research thoroughly, but always remember that a review is just one...
  10. ThomasLi

    Sennheiser HD 700: Officially Unveiled at CES 2012!

    I seriously doubt sennheiser would impair their own high end products just to prop up the HD800. I seem to remember reading somewhere that as a percentage of the total market headphones that cost over $100 only make up ~3-4%. I don't know any exact numbers for sennheiser, but I'm willing to bet...
  11. ThomasLi

    Help choosing headphones?

    I think the HD558s would match the ES7 quite well, HD558s are much more neutral with better low end reach and better soundstage, you might find them a little boring if you are used to the ES7. They are definitely a good option if you don't have an amp and are listening at home (they are super...
  12. ThomasLi

    Truthful newcomer impression of Sony Xb-500 and "better" headphones in general.

    You're preaching to the converted on head-fi man :D.
  13. ThomasLi

    Truthful newcomer impression of Sony Xb-500 and "better" headphones in general.

    Welcome to head-fi, sorry about youur wallet :). What in particular do you like about the Xb500s? In what areas do they improve upon the skullcandys? Perhaps take a look at getting aquainted with the glossary for describing sound sticky.
  14. ThomasLi

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Hi I am looking for a pair of closed cans ~£200 (plus or minus £25) there are a hell of alot of headphones on the market at around this price point, so I would like some peoples opinions on some cans; I know no pair of cans are ever going to do everything I want them to do at this price point...
  15. ThomasLi

    Grado SR80i worthwhile mods?

    Imo, if you you are happy with the current sound signature the best thing you can do would be to upgrade your source/amp and perhaps a recable; changing the grill is a nice superficial mod, but doesn't affect the sound quality too much imho. I found the best way to loosen the glue off was to...
  16. ThomasLi

    Grado SR80i worthwhile mods?

    I replaced the grill on my SR80s and found that is was well worth doing, looks much, much nicer. I wasn't too keen on venting the diaphragm though, it made the low-end a bit too muddy for my liking, I liked the bass a bit tighter, but I damped the back of the driver with blu-tac and I kind of...
  17. ThomasLi

    AKG K450 vs AKG 518DJ vs Audio Technica ES7 vs Klipsch Image One

    I've got the ES7s and they are great cans for tech-house, they do mid-bass really nicely, slightly rolled off but forward highs sound great for anything housey; for rap and raggae you might find that they don't really have the full punch to carry off the low-low end. In terms of other factors...
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  19. ThomasLi

    Has anyone tried the new AKG 77 or 99?

    I bought a pair of K77s to bide me over until I bought a pair of decent closed cans for my portable set-up. They are ok cans, quite neutral sounding, not exactly hi-fi, flat and a little muddy would be how I would describe them; I guess they would do for gaming/movies. Fairly comfortable, and...
  20. ThomasLi

    [New to Head-Fi] Looking for headphones [Bassy + Looks + Portable]

    I like my ES7s, they are great bang-for-buck wise and do mid-bass very nicely, the isolation is okay for the bus, but I would probably avoid them if I wore glasses. If your budget can stretch, the M50s and HFI580s get rave reviews for bassy music on head-fi, they don't look as nice as the ES7...
  21. ThomasLi

    Why no decent alternative to Bose Sounddock Portable?

    Arcam rcube if your budget can stretch.
  22. ThomasLi

    How dose Head-fi Rip their music?

    I use EAC, if you are ripping properly it's quite slow, but at least you know you are getting a perfect rip. I've never had any problems with EAC so I haven't bothered with dbpoweramp as I understand you have to pay for it.
  23. ThomasLi

    Newbie needs help with 1st setup!

    I love my grados to bits, but they really are not very portable at all. There are a number of issues inclusing sound leakage, inwards and outwards (You have to turn the volume up to block out external noise, and everyone can hear you, then you are one of /those/ guys who annoys everyone with...
  24. ThomasLi

    If you don't like grados...

    Too bright for my ears.
  25. ThomasLi

    Headphone Sightings 2

    In my two and a half years at the univeristy of manchester (which has a huge number of students) I've seen 1 pair of Senn HD25 and 1 pair of Alessandro MS1s and a million pairs of skullcandy/wesc/beats.