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  1. audiojun

    ASROCK Z97 E-ITX/AC Outperforms my Bifrost and Crack. HD 600

    I am shocked I just don't know how it does but my little motherboard produces high quality audiophile sound. I now prefer a $135 motherboard over my $800+ bifrost & crack set up through an HD 600. Maybe it is that realtek alc 1150 combined with the TI NE5532 that makes it perform. I never...
  2. audiojun

    looking for affordable laptop with toslink or spdif output.

    Is there a cheap laptop with toslink output? so I can connect an external dac.
  3. audiojun

    I need recommendation for a Headphone + Amp Combo

    Hi been lurking here for a while and now i want to upgrade my gear.   My budget is about 600$ to put into an Amplifier and Headphone. I can stretch that budget a little further if i wait.   I currently own the HD 518 and ATH M-50, I like the HD 518 more. I would prefer an Open Headphone...