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  1. weikiang

    Ety HF5 and portable amps

    Can consider FiiO L9 for iPod LoD.  
  2. weikiang

    Custom sleeves or Custom IEMs

    I suppose custom sleeves will be much cheaper so maybe you can try it first.
  3. weikiang

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    +1 for SE215. A really nice IEM with good soundstage. I was totally surprised by it. Another choice will be klipsch S4. soundstage not as wide but also quite bassy.  
  4. weikiang

    Cosmic Ears - new CIEM company with great prices (including Hybrid designs!)

    wow really affordable. might order one to see how it fare with my tf10 :D
  5. weikiang

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    Will this be able to power a tf10? Or is there any significant difference between this and E11 in using it with a tf10?
  6. weikiang

    Shure SE215 Review (with pictures)

    Do you think this will fit k-pop genre? Also, i saw some reviews saying that the nozzle is very thin and breaks off easily if force is used when removing the tips.
  7. weikiang

    UE SuperFi 5vi

    Hi guys. I'm interested in the UE SF5vi but not sure about the SQ. I looked through many reviews but had contradicting ones. Some said that it totally has no bass, some said that it has punchy bass. I'm kinda confused by it. So i need help from you guys on telling me how they sound. Are they...
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