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  1. waveriderhawaii

    Help in finding earbuds for my nephew.

    (I posted this in the wrong forum and have no idea how to move it here so I just remade the thread)   Greetings. . Backstory..  I give my  nephew my hand me down IEM's, and he has loved every pair each more than the last. In approximate order, Moshi Vortex, Klipsch S4, UE 600vi, Denon AH-C700...
  2. waveriderhawaii

    Portable speaker. What's better between the Oontz Curve ,the Nakamichi BT05, or the Philips SoundShooter? Will the Oontz Angle be a big leap forward?

    Greetings. Been lurking here for years and have used this site to buy many headphones and amps for my self and family. With my limited knowledge, I never thought I would be of much use here. However, I do need some help as I cannot find any direct comparisons for these portable speakers.   I...