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  1. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'ORIVETI O400 - Premium 4BA HiFi IEM Headphones'

    Lovely read mate. I'm also going through my honeymoon phase with the MEST and as I was reading the comparison section I could almost see the future haha
  2. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Final Audio F3100'

    I'll keep this review short, and won't go through the usual details about packaging and such. I bought the Final F3100 with my own money, and thus have no need to display spectacular honesty (😉). Let's head straight into sound. The F3100 is all about the mids. They have a singular focus: the...
  3. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'KBEAR Neon'

    INTRODUCTION KBEar released the Neon outta nowhere, and at first glance I assumed the existence of a Knowles BA driver at this price-point (where most IEMs are using Bellsing BA drivers) was supposed to be the sole Unique Selling Point. To my complete surprise, the KBEar Neon had another trick...
  4. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Apple AirPods Max'

    The moment Apple removed the headphone jack from its latest iPhone 7, it spelt doom for the headphone jack itself on all flagship devices. It’s incredible how something as innocuous as the 3.5mm jack became the bane of existence for Apple and how they called it “courageous”, but that rant is...
  5. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'SONY IER-Z1R'

    Sony needs no introduction. I mean, you have used at least one of their products in your lifetime. Thus, let’s cut to the chase. The Sony IER-Z1R is their flagship (universal) in-ear monitor. Priced at $1700 retail, these are true top-of-the-line contenders in the IEM space and is looking for a...
  6. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Moondrop Aria 2021'

    Moondrop needs no introduction nowadays after being one of the most consistent manufacturers out there in terms of releases and their adherence to hitting “target curves”, or a specific frequency-response in other words. The Moondrop Aria 2 (2021) is their latest release that, on paper...
  7. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Audirect Beam 2SE'

    The disappearance of the 3.5mm jack from the mobile phones was rapidly followed by the emergence of “DAC/Amp dongles”, and the Audirect Beam 2SE is yet another contender for the DAC/Amp of your choice award under the $100 price bracket. My first encounter with Audirect was their original...
  8. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'ZEN by DUNU'

    Edit 27/08/2021: FR and extra pairing notes added Single-dynamic driver IEMs have been a rare breed in the flagship territory for a while. In the years past, most TOTL stuff have either been all-BA or hybrid designs. A subtle letdown for those who prefer a single dynamic setup due to the...
  9. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'final A8000'

    Great review as always bro!
  10. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'DUNU Studio SA6'

    It’s hard to stand out in the IEM space lately. New brands pop up every now and then with claims of performance that far belies their price-tag, having measurement graphs that seem just about perfect, hitting a specific target curve. Driver count that would seem overkill even in $1000+ IEMs...
  11. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Reecho Insects Awaken'

    BGVP Quality Control has been poor from my experience, so I have trust issues with their products. The DM8 does look great spec-wise. I've also tried FD5 recently and the bass/timbre is definitely good, however the imaging/separation is poorer compared to the Reecho IMO.
  12. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Reecho Insects Awaken'

    Reecho is a relatively newcomer in the IEM scene. They seem to have garnered some recognition thanks to their Seasons Series of IEMs (Spring, Summer) which tried to make a niche in the $100–150 bracket. Reecho Insects Awaken is their latest release and seems to be their “flagship” of sorts, at...
  13. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'KBEAR Believe'

    KBEar generated a lot of buzz when they announced the Believe. “Is it truly a pure Beryllium (foil) driver?” — asked the dumbfounded onlookers. Why won’t they? The only two pure Be foil diaphragm drivers that are out in the market, Final A8000 and Dunu Luna, cost $2000 and $1700 respectively...
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    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'iFi audio ZEN CAN'

    That's the analogue circuit engaging. I think it's normal since this is not a digital filter that's being applied.
  15. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'iFi audio NEO iDSD'

    iFi Audio is on a roll lately with new releases. First there is the Zen stack. The Hip DAC soon followed, and then came the iDSD Signature. The release of the Neo iDSD, however, was quite sudden as it’s been a while since iFi has released a desktop all-in-one solution. Nonetheless, iFi...
  16. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'iFi audio ZEN CAN'

    This review was originally published on blog “Can it power the Sennheiser HD650 to its full potential?” This is the most common question I’ve been asked whenever there’s a talk about any good budget amp. Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous good offerings around the...
  17. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Cayin N3Pro'

    This review was initially published on Tube amplification is a rather divisive topic. For some, it’s the holy grail and a step closer to the “analogue” feel. For others, it’s just gooey warmth that robs instruments of detail and also introduces coloration by adding distortion...
  18. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'FIIL T1XS Ceramic White True Wireless TWS Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds'

    This review originally appeared on my blog. Headphone jacks are a dying breed. Ever since Apple decided to be “courageous” and remove the headphone jack on iPhones to sell their average-sounding Airpods (and the various Pro/Max iterations), the rest of the mobile manufacturers followed suit...
  19. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Cat Ear Audio MIA'

    This review originally appeared in my blog. Cat Ear is a new brand from Shenzhen who has gone for a rather feline-themed branding. The Mia (meow?) is their first IEM (and the only one so far in their lineup) and at $99 retail faces stiff competition from both the lower and higher priced...
  20. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'FiR Audio M5'

    I think it would be unfair to not appreciate the monologue in the first four paragraphs. Not related to the actual IEMs but something about capitalist mindset in general that rings true. Kudos, and happy holidays!
  21. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'BLON BL-05S'

    The BL-05S is quite a bit tip sensitive. You should try swapping some tips if you have them in collection. I've found all of Final E-type/Spinfit Cp-100/145/Accoustune AET-07 to have significant improvement over stock BL-05S tip.
  22. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Sony XBA-N3'

    I had the exact opposite experience with N3 and found it to lack bass depth and the midrange was nowhere near as rich sounding as the E5000. Also sparkle noticeably improves on the E5K going balanced and Clear tips.
  23. kmmbd

    Reply to review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Sony XBA-N3'

    Great review mate. Especially liked the part about N3 vs E5000, my conclusion was same as well. Now I'm gonna re-watch Ong-Bak and Raid Redemption because of all these fighting analogies haha.
  24. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Audeze iSine 10'

    This review originally appeared on my blog. Note: The rating above is only for the Cipher V2/Analog cable version at retail prices. Cipher V1 rating is much higher and for good reasons. If you know what a planar magnetic driver is, you definitely know Audeze. They’ve becomes ubiquitous to...
  25. kmmbd

    Review by 'kmmbd' on item 'Moondrop Starfield'

    This review originally appeared on my blog. To say that Moondrop has had a meteoric rise over the past two years would be quite an understatement. From having less recognition than KZ/TRN to being one of the premiere Chinese manufacturers — it’s been quite a journey for them. My first...