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  1. Folex

    Fully open IEM in US?

    Is there any fully open IEMs that can be bought in America online ?
  2. Folex

    Acoustic baffle paper, where to buy ?

    Anyone know where to buy the thin acoustic baffle paper?  
  3. Folex

    PC Microphone: Able to cancel out a mechanical keyboard ?

    Is there a deskop standing mic that you could use for skype that will cancel out a mechanical keyboard?
  4. Folex

    TV: Sound bar or 5.1 ?

    I am looking to get my grandmother a soundbar or a 5.1 setup.    She currently has a 42' 1080p tv. It only has 1 hdmi in. Her cable box is hdmi also.    Looking to spend under $300 if possible. Any ideas ?
  5. Folex

    Driver distance from mesh?

    If the headphone is open does it matter how close or how far the driver is from the mesh? If it does what sound would you expect with a driver close to the mesh opening vs far away ?   ex. Driver close to the mesh opening.     Driver further back from the mesh opening.     And also...
  6. Folex


    This was a project that started together with Casper Aug 8th as an idea and today about a month later has become a reality. Unreal professional work done by casper. Able to take all the ideas I had and put them into my new favorite headphone.    Absolutely LOVE these headphones.    What...
  7. Folex

    Mobile Private Message Suggestion

    Is it possible to have a setting that would allow you to compress private messages to the last 5 things said ? It takes forever to load up some of the conversations. 
  8. Folex

    Best place to buy ortho drivers in the US?

    I was wondering if someone knew of a good place to buy ortho drivers?
  9. Folex

    Beats by Dre question, could you like them if..

    I am curious if head-fier could like a pair of Beats if the following held true:   They were $150-200 new They had a driver from a respected company They sounded good Had a decent detachable cable
  10. Folex

    CnC machine + plastic cutting bit = Baffle cutting win ?

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with using a CnC machine to cut plastic, more precisely cutting plastic to create baffles ?
  11. Folex

    What Audio technica drivers are these ?

    Friend order a pair of ad2000 drivers and got these. Not entirely sure what they are. They aren't ad2000 or ad700.    
  12. Folex

    What would make the perfect headphone ?

    On my last post there was a bunch of people who wanted to express the finer details of headphones. I'm making this topic to address those people     Here is a list of options for a perfect headphone   Open, semi-open, Closed ? Wood/plastic/graphite/metal headphones ? Color? On ear/Around...
  13. Folex

    Headphone Ohms, whole headphone or just parts?

    When a headphone says its X ohms is the whole headphone at the X ohms or is it just the plug, cable and/or drivers etc ?  
  14. Folex

    I feel like an idiot, for saying Shure was a good company.

    About a year ago my friend decided to get into expensive headphones. I didn't want to taint his decision so I said pick whatever headphones you want. He spent his hard earned money on a pair of shure 550dj. I said yeah shure is a good company and he bought them and loved them. Recently the...
  15. Folex

    What is your go-to song to test out a new pair of headphones ?

    I am curious what song people first try when they get a new pair of headphones to determine if they sound good.
  16. Folex

    Beyerdynamic 990's 250 ohm

    I am currently looking for an amp that would power a pair of beyerdynamic 990's for my laptop.   I have the xda2 for my desktop but when I travel it won't work. 
  17. Folex

    ~40hz bookshelf/desktop speakers under $200

    Trying to find a pair of bookshelf speakers that I can use with my desktop that will produce a little sub-bass. The bigger they are the better (up to 2.5 feet tall). I have tons of room on my desk and I personally like the bigger speakers. I don't want to get involved with a 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1...
  18. Folex

    Anything like TDK BA-200, except dynamic?

      I love the design of TDK BA-200 but I'm not a big fan of Armature drivers.   I love the idea of over the ear and flat cable, something I haven't been able to find elsewhere. Is there anything like those but with dynamic drivers ?
  19. Folex

    Headphone Fatigue? May have figured it out (I think)

    The past 8 months I've really noticed some headphones fatigue like crazy.  Grado 80i being the worse. I tried the L-bowls and the regular and both did. I returned the Grados but kept the L-bowls because I didn't think I could return them and they fit perfectly on a lot of other headphones. I...
  20. Folex

    How to test for mismatched drivers? Then correct?

    Little background, same audio card and same amp used with 15 pairs of headphones. I've had 2 pairs of headphones that would fatigue only on 1 side. I'd switch earcups and the other ear would become fatigued and start to hurt. On both headphones I re-soldered both cups and the plug and had the...
  21. Folex

    First headphone recable. Any suggestions?

    These were some cheap headphones I bought a while back. I went into recabling these headphones expecting it to do nothing to the sound. The reason I wanted to recable was in the future able to turn single sided headphones into dual entry and to change the length. There was a slight different to...
  22. Folex

    Dying plastic headphones? Anyone done this ?

    My friend is into RC racing and he wanted me to look up some stuff from him. On a side note I saw where RC racers were dying their plastic pieces with "rit dye." I got looking into it a little more and some said you need to mix a little acetone to work with polycarbonate. I have a bunch of junk...
  23. Folex

    Flexable 8-conductor cable ?

    I'm looking to re-cable a headset (headphones +microphone). I want it dual entry (4 conductors) and a microphone (2 conductors). With the other 2 conductors wrapped in electric tape in case I want to switch the side of the microphone. I know Cat-5 would be perfect for this except its too stiff...
  24. Folex

    Audio technica esw7, physically house 53mm driver ?

    I was given a pair of audio technica esw7 that I instantly could tell were fake. Does anyone know if you physically could put a 53mm driver in them assuming you make something to house it ?
  25. Folex

    Cheapest place for hexagon Perforated Metal Mesh?

    I am looking to buy some hexagon Perforated Metal Mesh comparable to Audio tech ad900's grill. Any ideas where I can buy a 1-2 foot piece for cheap ?