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  1. Mr Joboto

    Audio-GD C2 or Burson HA160?

    I've read a fair bit through a lot of threads on these two amps, and not wanting to corrupt the dedicated threads of each of these products, I thought I'd start another one to ask my questions and hear comparisons.   I've got myself a Compass as my current DAC/amp and am looking to upgrade...
  2. Mr Joboto

    Matrix M-Stage, Burson HA-160, or M3???

    So let's say my main cans are going to be an Alessandro MS-Pro (Grado RS-1) and a 600-ohm Beyer DT880, so therefore both easy and hard to drive cans, and I have potential plans to drive something like the T1 in the future, which one of these would be my best bet? 
  3. Mr Joboto

    DT880 right for me?

    Okay, so I'm "A/Bing" between the MS-Pro and the DT770 Pro. I listened to music with the DT770s for this entire week at home exclusively, coming from the Pros, I wonder where on earth the midrange went. Ooo, a fair bit of bass, not the 'sea' I expected, but definitely a lot more than I'm used...