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  1. yates7592

    HD800 from speaker taps

    I'm asking what people's experience here is of powering HD800 from speaker outputs. I know it has and can be done quite safely, albeit with extra gain. But I'm most curious as to the specific sound quality benefits (or drawbacks)? I do remember some quite positive posts from the past but can't...
  2. yates7592

    Solid state balanced amp for Audeze LCD-3?

    I'm taking delivery of a pair of LCD-3's next week, and wondering what amp I should get. I'm looking for a solid state amp, with balanced connections, to optimise the low-end and soundstage as far as possible. My modest DAC options I already have are Yulong D100 and iFi iDAC. I will probably...
  3. yates7592

    Should I burn in headphones and DAC together or separately?

    I am hoping somebody here can give me the benefit of their experience / knowledge. I am about to take delivery of a pair of Sony MDR 7520's and a Yulong D100 DAC. I have never burnt in either headphones or a DAC before.   From a lot of reading up I understand the process/methods for...