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  1. FiJAAS

    Which is the best paid music app for iOS?

    Which is the best paid music app for iOS?
  2. FiJAAS

    Sony XBA-H1 vs. Etymotic Research HF5

    Which IEM is the better headphone in regards to SQ? I'm not worried about fit or comfort issues from niether. I would like to also know which IEM pairs well with the Oppo HA-2.
  3. FiJAAS

    Need help picking IEM

    Hello, I need help picking a pair of iems. I'm having a tough time choosing RHA T20 or Inear Stagediver SD-2. My source is in my signature. Thanks guys.
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    Any other budget friendly portable headphones like Koss PortaPro out there?

    Looking for some budget friendly portable headphones like Koss PortaPro as far as sound and price goes.
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    Pelican Cases

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a Pelican 1200, 1300 or 1400 Case but not sure which one would fit my audio equipment. I have an IPod Classic stacked with a Sony PHA-1A, Beyerdynamic DT-770 and a few cables. So anyone who has used any of these cases please let me know which one would work...
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    Decent portable headphones

    I'm currently looking at some decent portable headphones that cost no more than $150 and I would like to know which one would is better and worth it in the long run? JVC HA-S500 Beyerdynamic DTX 501P Sennheiser HD25-1 II
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    Fiio E11K vs. JDS Labs CMOYBB v2.03

    Hello, I'm building a minimalist portable audio rig and I currently use the iPod Nano 3G as the source with compact discs ripped to AAC 320. I the Koss PortaPro and will eventually get the Xaiomi Pistions 3 to use with it. I recently purchased the Fiio E11K and to my ears it's a little muddy to...
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    Fostex HP-P1 or Sony PHA-1

    I need help deciding between the Fostex HP-P1 or the Sony PHA-1. I will use either one primarily with the iPod Classic. I understand that the HP-P1 can be used as a transport and connected to a home media center and the PHA-1 could be connected to a PC/Mac as a Dac and Amp. As for portability...
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    Help me make my next purchase

    I recently bought a iPod Classic 7th Generation days before Apple discontinued it. I have the iPod paired with JDS Labs C5. I like this setup but I feel that there is more out there that needs to be discovered. I have two options I can go with. 1. Keep the iPod Classic and purchase a Sony...
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    Bypassing the iPod Classic internal amp a question

    I have the iPod Classic 7th Generation and the JDS Labs C5 with the Fiio L3 to bypass the iPod internal DAC. Though what concerns me is even though it's bypassing the internal amp the iPod "Volume Bar" is still accessible via click wheel. I thought that the volume bar would be locked out due to...
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    A question about Sennheiser CX500....

    I have a question about Sennheiser CX500. Do Sennheiser make any closed, over the ear headphones with equal or better sound comparable to the CX500 under $100?
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    The best Beyerdynamics in ear phones under $100

    I have a question, What are the best Beyerdynamics in ear phones under $100? I wish for them to be neutral sounding. Thanks.
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    The best ipod lod?

    I would like to know which ipod lod is the best. I wanted to buy ALO The Green Line iPod LOD but they do not sell it anymore. I do have the Fiio L9, but if there is something better out there I would like to get it. Anything under $75 would be awesome. Thanks!
  14. FiJAAS

    ALO audio The National vs. JDS Labs C5

    Hello. I have ordered iPod Classic and Beyerdynamic DT770 and is on the way, I'm looking for a portable amplifier to pair with them. I'm interested in ALO audio The National & JDS Labs C5. I would like to know which one is better if you had tired or have both. Thanks.
  15. FiJAAS

    ALO Audio Black Star Amp and iPod Classic

    Hi, I'm looking for a thread that a poster recently showed pictures of his/her setup. The poster had the ALO Audio Black Star Amp and iPod Classic. Please lead me in the right direction. Thanks.
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    Fiio L9 vs. iBasso CB07

    Which LOD would work better with the iPod Classic 7th Generation and JDS Labs C5D, Fiio L9 or iBasso CB07?
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    Ready to purchase and build my first rig, help me make the right descsion.

    Hello, I'm new here. I have read and learned a lot from you all. It's time for me to purchase and build my own rig. Will you guys help me make the right descison? Here's what I'm currently thinking about purchasing. Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50WH Professional Studio Monitor Headphones...