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  1. donlin

    Buddy Holly

    I just listened to the Buddy Holly CD "Down the Line" on my HD800's. I am amazed at the quality of the recordings done in his apartment on a portable mono recorder in 1959. In terms of truth of timbre, warmth, and realism, these are better than most modern recordings. Most modern recordings of...
  2. donlin

    Denon AH-D7000 In The Absolute Sound

    The AH-D7000 got a couple mentions as part of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest coverage in the February issue of The Absolute Sound. Neil Gader called them Best of Show Bargain Price and said they sound "very high end" also Steven Stone called them Most Exciting Product. I would have to agree. In...
  3. donlin

    Any Flat Pad Fans Still Out There?

    In earlier days of this forum, the flat pads vs bowls question was a very hot topic but seems to have died down more recently. At that time flats seemed to be favored but now I suspect the opposite is true. As a long time Grado user and flat pad fan I wonder if there are still any out there who...
  4. donlin

    Graham Slee "Green" Solo?

    This past Wednesday I bought a new Solo Monitor amp and am wondering if this is the new green version. The instructions say "The Solo is now RoHS compliant when used in Europe....It has been extensively tuned to retain the sonic qualities of the original Solo MC. In the process other qualities...
  5. donlin

    HD 650 Fans

    Reading through a recent thread for people to list their Sennheiser systems, I realized I must not be the only one who prefers 650's to more expensive phones. I'd like to hear from people who could afford, and have carefully auditioned/owned more expensive phones, but choose the 650's simply...
  6. donlin

    Lehmann Black Cube Linear Question

    Yesterday I did some careful comparison between the two headphone jacks on my BCL and noticed that they sound quite different. The jack that does NOT mute the preamp output is clearly better sounding. I'm curious if anyone else has had the same experience.
  7. donlin

    Another HAPPY Raptor Owner

    I picked up my Raptor from Ray Samuels almost a week ago and I can say that this is the best headphone amp I have ever owned without question. There have already been very detailed reviews written here and I will just say I agree. Qualities I am most pleased with are the sense of the recorded...
  8. donlin

    Grado HP-2 Variation

    In 1992 I bought a pair of HP-3's a couple months later I had upgrade fever and bought a pair of HP-2's. Around a year later, I sent the HP-3's to Joe Grado to have them upgraded to HP-2 spec. When I got the upgraded HP-3's back I put them away and never used them again. For some reason, I...
  9. donlin

    Grado Evolution?

    It's coming up on nine years since I bought my Grado RS-1's. They still sound fantastic, but nine years is a very long time for an audio product to be in production without revisions. I would like to know if there have been any changes to the RS-1 over the years beside the switch from flat to...