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    Using SMSL M6 as DAC only?

    Hey again, I'm looking to finally upgrade my current set up. After doing some reading it became apparent that my current amplifier will not 100% fulfill my needs, and so I decided to make an upgrade on that end too. Currently using the M6 AMP/DAC combo, and my question is whether or not it's...
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    Audio quality loss?

    Hey folks,   I recently purchased a pair of HD650 and an ODAC/AMP with 3.5mm outpot. I'm currently using an 6.3 female to 3.5 male adapter and worried about quality loss. I know there's no audible difference between 3.5 and 6.3 but I got the impression that a longer jack would eventually lead...
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    Next step?

    Hey guys, first thing please excuse my bad English beacuase I'm probably going to make some mistakes.   Ok so here's the question- I bought my first let's say "good" headphones about 4 or 5 months ago which are the Sennheiser Momentum. Really love them, great cans but I'm now looking for an...
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    Need help comparing between MDR 1R, Sennhiser Momentum and Kef M500

    Hey guys, so I did my research and came down to this 3. My genres are are mostly rock and some metal. Now I have to choose between them and will be really glad for suggestions. Thing I want to compare: Soundstage SQ (overall) SQ(for price) Value   Sorry for bad english >< and thanks to...