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  1. Fastjack

    Info: ffdShow now includes a Dolby Headphone workalike

    Sorry if this is old news but I only dicovered it yesterday and thought it might be of interest to some people here, this being a headphone-site and all Current versions of ffdShow (a video and audio decoder filter for Windows-based media-players) now include a headphone virtual...
  2. Fastjack

    Pioneer SE-DIR1000C for PC gaming?

    I was wondering whether anybody here has ever tried the Pioneer for gaming with the PC. The idea woould be to get the multichannel 3D-sound to the Pioneer via optical (preferably) and thus process it to Dolby Headphone. Would it actually work the way despribed above? And if so, how good are...
  3. Fastjack

    SACD, DVD-A - Software-player and demos ?

    Hi I keep reading here about the benefits of 24/96 audio resolution. I guess SACD and maybe also DVD-A support this but I've never read about a software-player for these formats. Found that a little strange as good sound-card also offer this kind of playback-resolution. Long story short...
  4. Fastjack

    Terratec Aureon Sky, Senaura, ER4P

    OK, here goes my second post in this excellent forum: As I'm planning to get a pair of Etymotic ER4P I thought I might as well also upgrade my source. My Home PC only has an old SB Live and in recent listening-tests I found the sound kinda muffled compared to what my notebook (Fujitsu-Siemens...