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  1. k.ODOMA

    Odds of regretting this tattoo at some point?

    Earth Crisis was a band. A very very bad band.
  2. k.ODOMA

    TV shows you wish would die

    All the shows that star a so-called "expert" who's lacking in any real credentials yet still claims to help people (and usually just ends up giving bad advice)...Dog Whisperer, Dr. Phil, that guy who claims to talk to dead relatives. South Park needs to die. At one point in time it was...
  3. k.ODOMA

    Linux users!

    Grip for ripping although I have been experimenting with rubyripper. I use mpd/sonata for playback.
  4. k.ODOMA

    ripper suggestions for linux?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tot If you want to use EAC it works just fine using wine. It is the only one that can bypass caching cd drives to detect read errors, cdparanoia can not do that right now as far as I know. Rubyripper can also do this (supposedly).
  5. k.ODOMA

    ripper suggestions for linux?

    RubyRipper can do both flac and mp3.
  6. k.ODOMA

    Gene Kelly in New Ad!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears I'm not sure that his estate owns any part of that clip. It was produced in the era when motion picture stars were contracted to studios and did not receive royalties or cuts of the gross on future use of performances. All of the money is probably...
  7. k.ODOMA

    Things you wish you can fix in a song

    I REALLY wish the song Recipe For Hate by Bad Religion was longer.
  8. k.ODOMA

    Just got my iPod shuffle....

    Quote: Originally Posted by kloan is it just me, or does it seem like almost everyone thinks the shuffle can only play randomly?? there is a button on the back that allows you to turn shuffle on or off.. you can make playlists and have the music play in order.. It was my...
  9. k.ODOMA

    Just got my iPod shuffle....

    Wouldn't the buttons on the iPod Shuffle Pro defeat the purpose of having a shuffle? But the screen would be very nice - I'd like to be able to see the song info of what is currently playing.
  10. k.ODOMA

    How do you guys find new music?

    I've bought lots of cds recently after using the listening stations at a local record store (Sonic Boom). Otherwise I go off the recommendations of my friends, most of whom are musicians, or from reviews in magazines like Wire.
  11. k.ODOMA

    Scariest movie ever

    When I was in middle school, the Nightmare on Elm Street movies scared the crap out of me, but I couldn't stop watching them. Nothing really scares me anymore. At best it creeps me out a little (like The Ring), but Texas Chainsaw Masacre (the original) came pretty close.
  12. k.ODOMA

    What OS' are you using?

    Ubuntu on my IBM T42 and Windows XP at work (not by choice).
  13. k.ODOMA

    Computer Games

    Quote: Originally Posted by toor Also Nethack = 2 weeks of my life i will never get back What a game! Good? Bad? You aren't saying you beat it in 2 weeks are you?
  14. k.ODOMA


    I used to have a septum ring (6ga) and plugs in my lobes (.75" diameter) for a number of years but I took them out because I like being able to choose when I look like a freak and when I don't. At least with my tattoos they are all hidden when I put on a long-sleeve shirt. Oh, and after you go...
  15. k.ODOMA

    Can i do linux on a powerbook?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rsaavedra My current choices are either an IBM Thinkpad T42, or a Sony Vaio S260, most likely the latter. Will install both Windows and either Mandrake or Fedora on it. I have a T42 and the thing is amazing. I can't recommend it enough. And I'm not sure...
  16. k.ODOMA

    Can i do linux on a powerbook?

    Yes it's possible. Check out Yellow Dog Linux. Although I've heard about small problems (like power management) but that is true of most notebooks.
  17. k.ODOMA

    Post your desktop!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Imyourzero No, I didn't link the pics directly from I had the images on my computer in my Wallpapers directory, and I uploaded them to my personal web space and hosted them from there. Apparently that's still some sort of violation, but I'm...
  18. k.ODOMA

    Post your desktop!

    Oh and I have to say that the digital clock (Konfabulator), GokieKS has in their screenshot is the prettiest desktop clock I've ever seen. Man I wish Linux had something as equally nice (gdesklets is not bad, but not nearly as good).
  19. k.ODOMA

    Post your desktop!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Imyourzero plainsong: I checked this thread tonight to see if there were any new images, and I thought "I know I posted some wallpapers here--where did they go?" Then I saw your posts. I just wanted to say that I honestly didn't know that posting the...
  20. k.ODOMA


    Quote: Originally Posted by The_Mac If wal*mart were such a horrible place to work, the employees would unionize. As it is, it's not a career, it's just like any other minimum wage job for high-school and college kids. Something that'll pay the bills, but that's about it...
  21. k.ODOMA

    So is NPR hipper than I previously thought?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sleepkyng npr, the last non-clearchannel Yeah, where are the pirate (er, low-power) radio stations when you need them?
  22. k.ODOMA

    So is NPR hipper than I previously thought?

    I was just listening to NPR and they started playing The Shy Retirer by Arab Strap. Not exactly chart-toppers they are. And I've heard Marketline (I think that's the name - their money/economics show) play the opening riff to the first song off Fugazi's I'm On The Kill Taker (I don't remember...
  23. k.ODOMA

    Firefox 1.0 Released

    Quote: Originally Posted by Stephonovich Last time I looked at the documentation for Pipelining was when it was first released; I believe that was Firebird 0.6 or so. 8 was the recommended number then. Wasn't aware it had jumped. There definitely is an improvement. As for your second...
  24. k.ODOMA

    What would be your 5 desert island essentials?

    1. A knife. Anything else would just be icing on the cake.
  25. k.ODOMA

    Post your desktop!

    It'd be hard to get simpler than this.