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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    Could you elaborate on what makes the Aivas good for metal? I'm on the fence about them as I heard the bass is not very prominent and doesn't extend very well into the sub bass, do you have a different experience?
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    High impedance amp with low impedance cans?

    Hey guys, I'm back in the headphone game after a very long time, mainly because of all the hype around the new planar drivers that is being implemented in cans like the Aiva and M570 (which I got my eyes on). Issue is my current amp; I'm using an SMSL M6 that has a output impedance of 10 ohms...
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    Quality foam tips for UE900s?

    Bought the 900s roughly 6 months ago from a fellow member. I love everything about them except the somewhat low quality foam tips. I'm looking for something that will resemble my SE215 tips as much as possible. My main issues with the stock tips are; length (would prefer something a bit...
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    Looking for a new pair of portable headphones/IEMs

    So I looked into the MSR7 and they actually look a-lot like what I was looking for. So ATM they're my first option, thanks for that call. Also mentioning that I'm also open for an IEM option so if you know any IEM that might fit me, go ahead.
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    Looking for a new pair of portable headphones/IEMs

    Umm considering the fact I'm going to feed the headphones using my OPO I don't think DT series will be any good (also not really portable). NAD would've been a very good option. I tested them around 6 months ago at a local store and while the sound is astonishing for the price they're proabably...
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    Looking for a new pair of portable headphones/IEMs

    Hey boys, so after owning the Sennheiser Momentum for roughly 2 years I'm looking to upgrade them. My budget is around  200-250$, and I don't mind buying a refrubished or pre-owned pair. While I did like the Momentums, I found their treble lacking some sparkle (an overall feeling of "laid...
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    AKG K550 - Detachable Cable Mod?

    Good thing it's detachable and you can replace it
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    Upgrade for ad700

    Up to you really, I usually avoid buying new cans/amps before trying them out since everyone hears different.
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    WIN Sennheiser HD 800 and a year worth of HDtracks downloads!

    It counts unless your country doesn't allow it for some reason.
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    WIN Sennheiser HD 800 and a year worth of HDtracks downloads!

    ". ELIGIBILITY: Hdtracks Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia over the age of 18 with access to the Internet at all times during the Sweepstakes and subsequent prize-award period unless otherwise specified by...
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    Upgrade for ad700

    I don't have a lot of experience with them since they're my friend's but they do sound marvelous with the Magni Modi stack.
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    Closed-back sidegrade for Q701

    D2K might be what you're looking for if you can find them at the price. Only problem I can think of is their somewhat poor isolation, but other than that they're fantastic for the price.
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    Hifiman HE 500 buying help

    Get him to sell it for 350$
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    A New Apex product!!! Name it HERE!!!

    Apex Defibrillator   Adding life to your music.
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    Are the B&O H6 headphonesworth it?

    I'm an X owner of the H6 and I have about 20 hours of experience with my friend's M50. They're very different HPs; H6 are very neutral with a slight recessed midrange while the M50 have elavated bass and a more pronounced midrange. Unlike the M50, the H6 scales a lot with a good source but still...
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    Headphones Measurements

      Make sense, will wait for other members just to make sure.
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    Headphones Measurements

    Hey guys a quick question- When measuring headphones, what's the difference between Frequency Response and Frequency Response Raw? 
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    Press Release: Sennheiser launches URBANITE headphones

    Hipsters all around the world are celebrating right now.
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    Audio quality loss?

    I see, well I do have a 3.5m to 3.5f cable extender but I just felt dumb using it- will it work aswell?
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    Audio quality loss?

        Ok thanks alot guys!  This is what the adapter looks like, I guess it's ok?
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