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  1. carterondrums

    Third Atlanta HeadFi Meet

    I may make it for this since I'm so close. Sadly, Ive liquidated most of my gear besides my hd-650's. Oh well, I'll see what I can find. edit: just to be clear, the lecture halls are in the building connected to the one labeled '81' on that map(to the right). The entrance is on Atlantic Drive...
  2. carterondrums

    Progress: PPX-3 Tube rolling pack

    update: the pack is headed out today to donavan smith thanks hirsch i enjoyed the tubes
  3. carterondrums

    any ATL head-fiers?

    I would prolly go if someone put something together
  4. carterondrums

    Progress: PPX-3 Tube rolling pack

    bump to the top.. I'm still waiting on the pack to arrive. I'll post again when I get it (hopefully it comes before I go to the beach next week)
  5. carterondrums

    Progress: PPX-3 Tube rolling pack

    Quote: Originally Posted by elnero In addition to sacd_lover's suggestion you could try a trio of GE's or combo's of GE's and Ei Elites. I agree, I'm really liking the sound of the GE's, but I have yet to hear the RCA's. I'm gonna try a GE/Ei combo and see what that sounds like.
  6. carterondrums

    Do you guys want another Quail group buy?

    i'll take 3, btw what's normal price for one of these??
  7. carterondrums

    Progress: PPX-3 Tube rolling pack

    You are killin us, NightWoundsTime . Anyways how much is shipping on this pack, for those that have already sent it off?
  8. carterondrums

    My PPX3 (6cg7) is here!

    Quote: Originally Posted by elnero I doubt it's anything like that. Probably other factors like parts availablitly for your particular amp came into play. All is well. He just emailed and said that its been ready but they were unaware that it hadnt shipped out. It will ship on...
  9. carterondrums

    Head-Fi Folding@Home: Join the team!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jasper994 Annoying to say the least... I lost a day worth of work on that WU! I thought it saved your progress every so often so you wouldn't lose it?? Oh well anyways my lil P4 1.9 has been going strong for a few days now. Thanks to the people...
  10. carterondrums

    My PPX3 (6cg7) is here!

    Quote: Originally Posted by drew8mc I ordered my MPX3 2 months ago and it's still not here, although it is on the way. Mikhail orginally quoted 2 to 3 weeks. I have no problem with it taking that long, but a more acurate estimation of the time would have been nice. I'm not normally an...
  11. carterondrums

    Want free Microsoft stuff?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kyrie Perhaps me as well (this is so incredibly cheap...) Kouki Yamauchi Company: MOB Email: kyriewings# at# yahoo# dotcom# it should be self-explanatory what to remove from that email address. done!
  12. carterondrums

    Atlanta Meet?

    If somebody names a time/place I can prolly make it if its after 2pm. Im pretty new so I can only offer my iPod and ath-a900s. Lemme know if this thing is still happenin.
  13. carterondrums

    Tell me why you hate the A900!

    just buy them, you wont be dissappointed. they are everything i was hoping for and more.
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