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  1. kryten123

    Bose QuietComfort 25 - Suggest alternative

    Hi All,   A friend has looked at the Bose QuietComfort 25 but is not keen on paying over the odds and has asked me to suggest some alternatives. Any suggestions for Cans in a similar price bracket but that better sounding\value for money.   He needs closed back and listens mainly to...
  2. kryten123

    Ultrasone Pro 900 replacement cable

    Hi,   Can anyone suggest a replacement cable for the Pro 900? The connector on mine is bent and the cable needs replacing. Ultrasone only sell replacements in the UK via a reseller who charges the same as the cable for postage - which is a a scam ! So I would rather spend a bit more and buy...
  3. kryten123

    Which Porcupine Tree \ Steven Wilson Album?

    I'm planning on getting a single Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson album for some friends for Xmas. Which album would you choose to introduce someone to Steven Wilson's work? Which would you choose as the most accessible for a PT\SW "newbie"?     If you want me to add another album to the...
  4. kryten123

    Help me create a simple PC front end solution

    Hi All,   I want to create a simple way to access and play my music stored on my Network drive from another room in the house.   My initial idea was to use Raspberry Pi as a cheap front end method:   Home Network -> Raspberry pi -> XBMC -> USB -> External DAC -> External Amp ->...
  5. kryten123

    Help me expand my Classical knowledge

    Hi Guys,   Help me expand my classical music knowledge. Amongst many genres, I enjoy classical and opera. Unfortunately my knowledge of these two areas really only extends to the well known and common "anthems" and collections.   Outside of the classics, I like Mozarts & Verdi's...
  6. kryten123

    Calling all JH16 Pro owners

    All,   I am curious to know from other JH16 Pro owners whether they find their 16s to be very bright and easily sibilant? At times mine can be almost painful in their brightness and I have noticed that they are sibilant where the JH13 aren't.   I admit that I am a bit of a cable...
  7. kryten123

    Scientists prove modern Pop music is all the same

    Thought I'd share this article proving what has long been suspected...that modern music is all the same...only louder. The article contains the link to the original techie Nature report for those interested.
  8. kryten123

    Seeking Advice to pair a Headphone Amp\DAC with an All in One Source component

    **** I did put this thread in Headphone Amplifiers but got no responses so assume it was the wrong thread - and I dont know how to move it from thread to thread so recreated it here ****   Hi All,     I recently bought an Arcam Solo Neo to use as a CD Player but mainly as a streaming...
  9. kryten123

    How do you know what Frenquency range an instrument is in?

      Hi all,   I was wondering if anyone has any information on how to find out which ranges certain instruments lie in?   The reason I ask is that I spent a bit of time the other day swapping between my ACS T1s and JH13 with a particular song and noticed an obvious difference in how the...
  10. kryten123

    Replacement cable for JH13 \ JH16

    Hi All,   I am finding the stock JH13 cable to be quite microphonic, especially comapared to my ACS T1's stock cable, which I have been really spoilt with. Has anyone replaced their stock cable? Any recommendations? Do you know if the replacement will work with a JH16 too ?   Thanks
  11. kryten123

    Advice for a replacement to my iBasso D10

    Hi all,   I have an iBasso D10 which I mainly use at my work desk for its USB function. The issue I have is that at my desk, I get a lot of RF interference through the D10. I've reached the point where I just want to replace the D10 for another portable amp\DAC that isnt as prone to RF. I...
  12. kryten123

    Any owners of both ACS T1 and JH16 Pro here?

    Hi All,   I own the ACS T1s which I love, but for a number of reasons I am also considering buying the JH16Pro. I'd like to know from anyone that owns both, what you think the differences are and whether you think I should go for it? Which do you use\favour more often?   Thanks
  13. kryten123

    Any ACS T1 owners had problems with theirs?

    Hi All,   I was wondering if any other ACS T1 owners have had any issue with their earphones? I have had mine for about a year now and the right earpiece has died twice so far. Luckily they are still in warranty and to give them their due, ACS are quick and efficient in fixing them and...
  14. kryten123

    Music to Show off the HM-601

    Hi all,   Well my HM-601 should be with me today and after reading all the reviews I can't wait. I am little concerned a to how it will sound with my ACS T1 IEMs, as the 601 is described as warm and I guess my T1s could be described similarly(well by a nooby audiophile anyway). Does anyone...
  15. kryten123

    Hifiman HM-601 SD Card Advice

    Hi All,   Well after weeks of dithering, I've finally taken the plunge and ordered the HM-601. I am hoping to hear big differences to my current Cowon S9 and will try and put together a review in due course. I need to order some SD cards before my HM-601 arrives, but am not 100% sure what...
  16. kryten123

    Recommendations for IEMs upto $100 please

    Hi Everyone,   My friend is looking to buy some IEMs in his first foray outside of Apple buds. He has tested an old pair of Shure SE115 and quite liked the sound and also a pair of Klipsch S4, which he found harsh and trebly. I have loaned him my Shure SE530 in the meantime and he is very...
  17. kryten123

    Oh no another newbie looking Headphone advice

    Hi all, I am looking to buy some decent headphones for home system. I need something that doesn't leak too much sound to annoy my wife watching TV while I listen to music. I am willing to spend up to £500 but may go higher for the right headphones. Initially they will probably be unamped, so...
  18. kryten123

    Help with buying new cans

    Hi All,   I need some advice on buying some cans. I listen mainly to guitar driven music ie all genres of rock and metal, folk and occasionally Classical and Opera. I have a pair of ACS T1s for on the go and in the office listening, and so am looking for some top end cans that I can use at...
  19. kryten123

    My New ACS T1 Photos

    Hi All,   I have recently acquired the new ACS T1s and wanted to share some photos and show what ACS are able to do with Silicon. As I understand it, Silicon is much more difficult to customise than acrylic, but I think ACS did a fantastic job with my new IEMs. The pictures dont really do...
  20. kryten123

    My New ACS T1 Photos

    Hi All,   I have recently acquired the new ACS T1s and wanted to share some photos and show what ACS are able to do with Silicon. As I understand it, Silicon is much more difficult to customise than acrylic, but I think ACS did a fantastic job with my new IEMs. The pictures dont really do...