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  1. chompy

    Portable alternative to Beyerdynamic DT770?

    Hi, I really like the sound of my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohms, but I need something portable (foldable) to bring to the office with the same sound signature (V shaped - fun sound) and if it's possible for less than 200€. It's important that they are also confortable as I use them many hours...
  2. chompy

    X3II next firmware bug / improvements wish list

    Hi,   After having my X3II some days with me, that's what I've found should be corrected / improved in next firmware:   Single mp3 + cue or single flac + cue gapless playback. At present gapless playback only works when changing files, if the change in done inside the actual file via the...
  3. chompy

    Beyers DT770 Pro - 80 VS. Sony MDR-V900

    Hi, I own an old pair of Sony MDR-V900 (I bought 15 years ago, when they were my only option). I'm quite happy with them, but now that I have best speakers than when I bought them, they sound lot worst than my pair of speakers. I've compared them with Senns HD600, and I didn't find really...