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  1. MajalGuy

    LF Recommendations for a player that supports Spotify

    So I've started using Spotify a lot lately, and saw there's an option to listen with another device. Realizing I have a speaker setup I'm not using due to wiring problems with my new laptop, I decided to look for another option- connecting my speakers to some sort of a device that connects to...
  2. MajalGuy

    Looking for a ATH-M50X replacement ear-pads recommendation

    Hello, As the title reads, I've been thinking about buying an ear pad replacement for my ath-m50x headphones. I am looking for something that is both more comfortable (the original ones give me a bit of an headache, they squeeze a tad too tight), without compromising on the sound quality and...
  3. MajalGuy

    LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

          Oh, I see. I downloaded the regular PowerAmp app. Where do you get the latest PA app? I couldn't find it in Google Play.   Also - I saw there's a tags problem using Poweramp (I also had it on my previous phone), is this fixed in PA?
  4. MajalGuy

    Headphones for both Metal and EDM?

    Thanks. from what I see most of the top rated headphones have an isolation of around -12 to -13 dBr. Perhaps I should just go for the safe athm50 choice? Can anyone comment on how these fair on bus rides in terms of isolating the outside noise?
  5. MajalGuy

    Headphones for both Metal and EDM?

    These were my initially the ones I was aiming for. But I heard the isolation on this isn't that great. Returning isn't possible for me sadly, nor trying them anywhere.
  6. MajalGuy

    Headphones for both Metal and EDM?

    So, I have a pretty unique taste when it comes to music. I like both these genres pretty much equally and I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones in a few months. Can anyone recommend the best headphones that can do that with a budget of about 250$? (there's some wiggle room for something...
  7. MajalGuy

    Smartphones with good sound quality?

    This phone's specs aren't particularly good tbh. Also I don't think it's supported in my country. I'm staying in the android realm (itunes is terrible). Most of my music is indeed 320 mbps or FLAC. So you're saying I shouldn't worry about the source and just stay with the galaxy s4? or is...
  8. MajalGuy

    Smartphones with good sound quality?

    Hello, in a few months I will probably invest in a quality headset for music (probably an athm50). My main music listening device is my phone - a Samsung Galaxy s4. My question is- will my phone bottleneck the quality of the sound I will get with a quality headset? If so, are there any decent...
  9. MajalGuy

    Yuin PK2 Replacement Foam Pads

    Hi, I am in need for new pads for my PK2s. can anyone refer me to a place where I can order new ones? I've seen a few in ebay but I have no way of knowing which ones fit thanks!
  10. MajalGuy

    Yuin pk2 replacement foam

    Hi. I am in need for new foams for my pk2. anyone has a clue where I can buy new ones?
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