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  1. angelo898

    any leica users here?

    is it dumb to buy the 50 apo summicron?
  2. angelo898

    Noble audio k10 or unique melody mentor?

    Can anyone who has both or has heard both chime in on how these 2 compare?
  3. angelo898

    8 core vs 4core

    Hi guys, what is the difference between the 2?
  4. angelo898

    does it get any better than the beyerdynamic t5p?

    hi everyone, i have been pondering on some headphones. and i want to look into some high end headphones that can be driven out of basically anything, preferably a closed can. i remember the beyer t5ps being pretty ******* good. is there any non iem that can fight this?
  5. angelo898

    Question for people who use the acss connection with their audio gd amps and dac

    hi everyone, i have been a long time lurker but now i dont think i can see any point in searching and finding stuff when there is nobody who seems to have the same situation as me heh.   im currently using a relatively crappy setup, so i plan to upgrade. i have some weird things i want to...