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  1. MajalGuy

    LF Recommendations for a player that supports Spotify

    So I've started using Spotify a lot lately, and saw there's an option to listen with another device. Realizing I have a speaker setup I'm not using due to wiring problems with my new laptop, I decided to look for another option- connecting my speakers to some sort of a device that connects to...
  2. MajalGuy

    Looking for a ATH-M50X replacement ear-pads recommendation

    Hello, As the title reads, I've been thinking about buying an ear pad replacement for my ath-m50x headphones. I am looking for something that is both more comfortable (the original ones give me a bit of an headache, they squeeze a tad too tight), without compromising on the sound quality and...
  3. MajalGuy

    Headphones for both Metal and EDM?

    So, I have a pretty unique taste when it comes to music. I like both these genres pretty much equally and I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones in a few months. Can anyone recommend the best headphones that can do that with a budget of about 250$? (there's some wiggle room for something...
  4. MajalGuy

    Smartphones with good sound quality?

    Hello, in a few months I will probably invest in a quality headset for music (probably an athm50). My main music listening device is my phone - a Samsung Galaxy s4. My question is- will my phone bottleneck the quality of the sound I will get with a quality headset? If so, are there any decent...
  5. MajalGuy

    Yuin PK2 Replacement Foam Pads

    Hi, I am in need for new pads for my PK2s. can anyone refer me to a place where I can order new ones? I've seen a few in ebay but I have no way of knowing which ones fit thanks!
  6. MajalGuy

    Yuin pk2 replacement foam

    Hi. I am in need for new foams for my pk2. anyone has a clue where I can buy new ones?