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  1. Valhallatier

    E10K, E11K, or C5D?

    hi, Searching for new AMP/DAC combo for Desktop use. Mostly pairing with (most important)Audio technica AD2000X and (less important)DT880 pro. currently looking at Fiio E10K, Fiio E11K(not with DAC..) or JDS labs C5D... or maybe even O2/ODAC. schiit not available in my country sorry. I use it...
  2. Valhallatier

    Help finding AMP/DAC (AD2000X)

    I just bought the Audio Technica's AD2000x, loved the coloration it does to my music, but there's sumthin wrong with it... Now i pair these with Xonar STX sound card, the good thing is that it add more bass, the bad thing is that its kinda loose, my guess is that because the soundcard output...
  3. Valhallatier

    ATH-M50 upgrade? HELP (urgent)

    hello, im trying to find a better sounding headphones like the ATH-M50 but sounds similar(frequency response). The reason i stated urgent is because in few more days, im gonna have my birthday and im planning to buy me a new headphone, so please help me. i may even go 'endgame' in this purchase...
  4. Valhallatier

    DT880 doesn't sound good, HELP!

    So about a week ago, i bought beyerdynamic DT880 pro 250ohm. i REALLY like the frequency response UN-AMPED. now my problem is, when i compare it to my previous headphones(ATH-M50), the DT880 has some serious major bass bloat and has really no details( cymbals super muted). soundstage is also...
  5. Valhallatier

    Are there any headphones like this?

    Hello there, i was just searching headphones around and suddenly realized that most closed headphones that are 'popular'/'well-known' have a V shaped signature frequency where the bass and treble is more prominent or one end is a major sound factor. Now i have been wondering, are there any...
  6. Valhallatier

    Help me choose the right headphone!

    Hello, im a new guy here! i'm looking for headphone mainly for gaming and some music So currently i have an ATH M50, they are very good sounding but that soundstage.... ehm not the best, i mainly play BF4, its REALLY hard to spot enemy footsteps. now im searching what's the best headphone...