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  1. mattiav

    Looking to upgrade from iBasso DX220.

    Contact iBasso - they should be able to help you out, they have good customer support.
  2. mattiav

    Should I buy the HD 6XX? I'll be using no amp.

    Honestly? Get the HD58X if you aren’t going to amp. My HD6XX sounds OK with my phone or laptop, though it needs almost the whole power output for the phone. But with proper power, it opens up a lot, even at lower volumes.
  3. mattiav

    IEM for audiophile starter, entry level vs. TOTL

    The greatest improvement comes at the bits closest to your ears - start with the IEM, then amp, then DAC. Assuming your source files are good. Is there anywhere you can audition stuff before buying? I mean, I went with Campfire stuff blind (no realistic options for auditions near me), and I’m...
  4. mattiav

    iBasso DX220 battery life issues?

    sounds like there’s something very wrong there. With the WiFi off I can leave the player on for over a week, losing maybe 5-10% per day, tops. Maybe shoot iBasso an e-mail? I’ve seen reports that they’ll send out replacement batteries for you to swap yourself if needed, but this may be more than...
  5. mattiav

    Seeking multi driver IEM amp suggestions

    Home? On the go? What kind of source?
  6. mattiav

    Help! I need knowledgeable people on sound and headphones

    If it’s always on the same place no matter the version or playback setting it’s the source, or the headphone. Not all recordings are good.
  7. mattiav

    Player for my daughter

    I don’t think there are any devices that will do streaming audio but not allow web surfing. The option that comes to mind if you don’t do local music playback would be the Activio CT10 - it’s smaller screen/size makes it a less attractive option for web surfing I’d think. If you do ha e local...
  8. mattiav

    1 week review of Sony NW-ZX507 (NW-ZX500 Series)

    ...sorry, but eh? For iPhones, Apple Music (the service) isn’t high res and you’re stuck with playing ALAC if you want to use the built in players and your own files. But there are plenty of apps to play higher res stuff on, just that you’ll need an external DAC to do it. Android isn’t much...
  9. mattiav

    Noise Cancelling Headphone recommendations

    honestly, I think an Ety or Shure will do better in absolute isolation than one of the ANC buds that have poor passive isolation in any situation that isn’t low fequency noise like airplanes. Which is the only place I prefer ANC to IEMs.
  10. mattiav

    Noise Cancelling Headphone recommendations

    IEMs. Etymotic or Shure or Westone come to mind as a good place to start that won’t break the bank.
  11. mattiav

    Es100 and he4xx. Balanced 2.5 cable needed?

    I would definitely run the HE4XX balanced - it wants quite a bit of power to sound its best.
  12. mattiav

    My Shure SE846 suck!?

    Can’t comment on the 846, but the 535 gets a good bit better with proper amplification. I also prefer cables without memory wire, though I get along OK with the ones that do. I do wear the cable doen the back of my neck and not the chin, as this provides a much better fit with all IEMs for me. I...
  13. mattiav

    DX220 A new view to your music. *** Latest Firmware: 1.19 Local *** Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

    I find Amp9 to be a little too hissy for Andromeda, but fine with Atlas. When music is playing it isn’t really noticeable for music that’s a bit uptempo or has a big mix, but can be for, say, quieter acoustic stuff. It works great with Atlas, but I prefer Amp8 for Andro.
  14. mattiav

    Best "audiophile" setups for commercial air travel

    I would not be surprised if this were the case for dynamic driver/vented IEMs, hence my comment re: Atlas. But my Andromeda’s and Shures are fully sealed BA IEMs that block off my ear canal entirely, and don’t interact with the outside at all.
  15. mattiav


    A question for you z1r owners - I’m mostly listening to my Campfire IEMs these days (Andromeda S 75%, Atlas 25%), and I’m pondering adding a hybrid for extra flavor. Would this be a nice complement to what I have? Tia Trio and the Z1r are on the shortlist. Looking for something with a wide...
  16. mattiav

    Best "audiophile" setups for commercial air travel

    I use my Sony XM3 for most long haul flights, particularly for watching movies, where the fact it doesn’t sound as nice as my IEMs doesn’t matter much. What I have done on occasion is listen to music on my Andromeda IEMs and put the Sony’s on over them (ANC on but not connected/plugged in to...
  17. mattiav

    Have earbuds, but don't know what to start

    Check out the reviews here, and sites like Twister6, Headfonia or Headfonics for DAP reviews. I wouldn’t put much stock in Amazon reviews in this case. Certainly at the budget end, you will need to compromise on slick user interface be pure audio quality. Your smartphone will be tough to beat...
  18. mattiav

    [PA]Which DAP to Buy

    I went with iBasso, though I’d go for the DX160 for an all in one solution or the DX220 if you want more power and amp swapping options (which is why I chose it). Battery life on the DX220 is OK, but certainly it’s weakest point. a lot of folks like the Fiio, it has plenty of power, and good...
  19. mattiav

    IEM recommendation - Tia Trio? Other?

    I’m pondering the addition of a third higher end IEM to the stable. I listen to my Andro S most often, and also enjoy the Atlas a lot (but it has more wind noise when walking around due to its shape, which is why it gets a little less play). My source is the iBasso DX220, usually with Amp8 these...
  20. mattiav

    Basic DAP though I’m unsure about whether it works with Amazon Music
  21. mattiav

    Shure 846 cable usb c recommendation vs bluetooth bt2

    - something like the iBasso will be an upgrade, due to better amplification and better digital to analog conversion. - the bit rate depends primarily on the source file. The Bluetooth codec has a maximum Bit rate and sample depth that it can transmit, but if the file doesn’t have the...
  22. mattiav

    Basic DAP

    Honestly I’d think any Android based DAP should work, hooked up via a USB OTG cable. iBasso supports Amazon music. But since all you’re using the DAP for is selecting files and as a digital transport (you don’t use the DAC or Amp portion) I don’t see any advantage over a cheap android phone that...
  23. mattiav

    FiiO UTWS1 is available now-Giving your earphones a new voice!

    What’s the output impedance on these?
  24. mattiav

    Bluetooth Open-Back Headphones

    Amazon (de, fr and should have the earstudio back in stock early next week...
  25. mattiav

    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    a video posted by another member in the gallery thread that I bookmarked may help: