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  1. Dopaminer

    Koala Audio Cables

    I'm posting this to share my positive experience with Koala Audio Cables from Australia. I recently bought the Arya and wanted a 4.4 balanced cable in longer than typical length. Over the years I have tried many cable makers you will know by name, and experienced varied levels of satisfaction...
  2. Dopaminer

    Astell&Kern AK380

    I just thought I`d share my dreams of a rosy future.  
  3. Dopaminer

    What are the benefits of a current feedback amplifier ?

    I`ve just found this amplifier :    It translates as being a current feedback amplifier, run by 4 AAA batteries.  Looks kind of interesting but I have no idea what it means.      Anyone ?  
  4. Dopaminer

    iBasso DX90 Hibino upgrade version coming July 18. . .

    DX90 Hibino version coming July 18. . .    Not sure if this is on anyone`s radar yet :::   I have really been enjoying my dx50 and I had pretty much decided to get the dx90.  Then the X5 started looking really good, and that...
  5. Dopaminer

    Vintage Toshiba 4-Channel headphones

    Feast your eyes on these beasts I came across in an audiophile shop in Tokyo yesterday....            
  6. Dopaminer

    Fidelia can rip SACD ?

    I`ve just read this short article on ripping SACD and DVD-A:     The author seems to claim he rips SACD with Fidelia, specifically in this paragraph:   " Ordinary CDs I convert using iTunes with its...
  7. Dopaminer

    Balanced Tube Amps under $2K: List Please

    Hi everyone,   I want to buy a fully balanced tube amplifier for my high-rez-source to HD800 system.  I have done a huge amount of thread-grazing but nearly every search I make leads me to long discussions of tube arcana (I want in on those conversations later) .  And so, to save myself...
  8. Dopaminer

    Help/advice with ripping from the deeply dissatisfied

    I am sorry if this has been covered to death but I really need some specific advice.     I`ve recently purchased HD800s, and a new DAC, and am in audiorgasmic-ness, as expected.  And also, like I expected, I`ve realized the need to delete a lot of my ripped/downloaded audio.  And so I went to...
  9. Dopaminer

    Carrot One ERNESTOLONE

    Wise Ones,   A couple of years ago, the Carrot One Ernestolo was mentioned here, with limited info and opinions:   I live in Tokyo, and just visited the huge...