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  1. mrcrazyshoes

    8 ohms receiver with 50 ohms headphones?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm new to all of this hi-fi stuff. I have a Sony receiver (STR-DH510) and it says that it outputs 8 ohms. I also have Sennhieser 558's and they are 50 ohms. When I plug my headphones into the receiver using the headphone out, the bass is extremely increase...
  2. mrcrazyshoes

    Xonar DG static problem

    Hey everyone, I have a Xonar DG and whenever I have it set to the headphone setting in the xonar audio center, it makes a very faint static noise that is just loud enough to be extremely annoying. When I switch it to the 2 speaker setting, the noise disappears. Is there a difference is sound...