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    DUNU Officially the Strategic Partner of SpinFit: SpinFit Tips Giveaway (Round 1)

    The dn-1000s are my favourite earphones. They have a bass oriented, v-shaped sound but still manage to sound crystal clear. I'm afraid I can't really say they're 'balanced' haha.
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    Topping TP30 initial impressions, warning, and repair impressions

    Will this amp work well with IEMs such as dunu dn-1000s or other earphones?
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    Digital852 ebay seller of dunu dn-1000     How about this store?
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    Buying Advice Sought ($70-150)

    Add Ultrasone hfi-580 to your list. More bass than 780s, cheaper than 780s. Under 150
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    ATH-M50 vs SRH840

    Which headphone is better overall for gaming and bass music?   Also, which pair is more practical in terms of size and portability?    Thanks
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    Want to buy IEM under 80USD. Which one should be good?

    Shure Se215, Monster Turbine, UE600, UE700, Vsonic GR06. etc etc etc
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    Etymotic hf5 or Shure SE215

    Just get the se215s if you like bass and noise isolation, get the hf5s if you like detail. Stop slagging on. I have the 215s and like all the other posts in this thread have clearly pointed out, they have bass, but not overwhelming amounts of it. It can get boomy if you eq it hard enough ;)
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    Good IEMs under $30?

    shure se215, monster turbine, vsonic gr06, ue700 (if you're really lucky), hifiman re0,HiFisoundaudio crystal, phonak perfect bass 012, 
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    Rockboxed Sansa clip+ w/ se215

    Currently, all of my sound settings are:   Bass: 12db Treble: 11db Stereo Width: 120% Crossfeed: Yes Direct Gain: -1.5db Cross Gain: -6.0db High Freq Attenuation: -15.5db High Freq Cutoff: 700 Hz Equalizer: OFF Dithering: YES Timestretch: NO Threshold: -3db Makeup...
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    Rockboxed Sansa clip+ w/ se215

    I dunno man, it sounds strange. The bass is completely flat lol. Can you chuck in your direct gain, cross gain, high-freq attenuation/cutoff settings as well?
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    Rockboxed Sansa clip+ w/ se215

    Quote: You da man! Thanks, going to try this now.
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    Rockboxed Sansa clip+ w/ se215

    Quote: Ok thanks. 
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    Rockboxed Sansa clip+ w/ se215

    bumb bumb! xD
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    Rockboxed Sansa clip+ w/ se215

    Please let me know your all of your sound settings if you own this mini setup. I am a semi-basshead with 3/4 of my music being dubstep or techno and 1/4 being pop. PLEASE HELP ME SET UP MY EQ AND CROSSFEED AND STEREO WIDTH etc etc.
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    What IEM Should I Get

    How could you not find that thread?!?! Did you try googling "iem review"? lol.
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    Ebay seller 222araxqy is a crook

    So many other offers on ebay, many of which are cheaper and come from Australia...                                                                                                                ...
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    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    Westone 2 > TripleFi-10 > Shure se215 > UE 700s > AKG K309 > Thermaltake Isurus > Monster iBeats > SHE3682 > Altec Lansing Muzx > iBuds   Prefer 215s over 700s because I <3 bass ;) 
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    Philips SHE3580 IEM review--how can something sound so good for $10???

    I've seen at least 4 different Phillips Music Colors earphones around. Do they all provide the same SQ or are some different? Personally, I own a pair of SHE3682s.
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    Comply Foam tx and t series

    Just wondering: 1. Whether the shure se215s work well with comply foam? Tell me your experiences if you've used the pair together. 2. Whether comply foam performs better than the standard shure foam buds? 3. And if so, what is better? (I heard comply's improve bass?) 4. Tx vs T series...
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    Portable headphones or IEMs under $100?

    not sure, but have a look at shure se215, monster turbines and ue700s. UE's might be a little over 100 though.