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  1. chrisssssssss2

    Where Can I Buy the Sennheiser IE800?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for the IE800s for almost a month now and was wondering if anyone knows where these can be bought and shipped to the US. I think it will be helpful for anyone else also looking to purchase them.
  2. chrisssssssss2

    Sennheiser IE8: The Search for the Perfect Tips

    As most Sennheiser IE8 owners know, getting the right tips for their IE8s is one of the most important features because it changes the sound quality more than any other IEM. As a proud owner, I have tried multiple tips, seeing how each tip affects the sound quality. Usually, I've found that the...
  3. chrisssssssss2

    Initial Impressions: Sennheiser HD380 Pro

    Hello everyone. There have not been many reviews here on the Sennheiser HD 380 Pros and thought that I should post my initial impressions: Build/Durability: The build quality on these headphones is quite good. They are very firm and sturdy, but not very flexible. I can't stretch them a whole...
  4. chrisssssssss2

    Comply Foam Tip Mod: MUST READ!!

    I have found a way to mod comply foam tips to bring out the best sound quality, noise isolation, and comfort. Before, I found the comply tips to be very comfortable and isolates very well, but sacrifices sound quality in that the highs became muffled. I later read a post here on head-fi about...