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  1. 3xclu5ive

    Strange problem with Creative SoundBlaster E3

    I need help fixing abnormal audio from my Creative SoundBlaster E3. I am using it with OTG on my android device with Neutron Player, and the sound sometimes gets detuned. The music sometimes is off note and doesn't sound right.
  2. 3xclu5ive

    House of Marley Positive Vibration: My first impressions

    I think this has to be the best HoM headphone according to sonic quality. I brought these 2 days ago for £20 discounted and I am really happy with my purchase. I have to say, these look retro, with the classic sliding extensions made of thin aluminium. The earcups are made of recycled...
  3. 3xclu5ive

    The best, cheap portable DAC Amplifier?

    So what I am looking for is a slim, cheap, portable and good sounding DAC Amplifier for my portable and home music needs. It also should also allow audio though USB, not just from an audio jack on my phone.   The price I am looking at is £30-£60. Anything just a bit over, I am fine with. Right...
  4. 3xclu5ive

    Hello Headfiers.

    I am 3xclu5ive. Recently, I got into the headphones, and my favourite brand at the moment is Philips. I am 16 and I mainly listen to EDM and I prefer a flat sounding headphones and "u" or "v" sounding headphones.   My headphone Inventory At the moment (Best-Worst):   1. Philips SHP2000...