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  2. Amy

    Looking for Klipsch Large Oval tips!

    We sell the replacement tips on our site here.  
  3. Amy

    Image S4 Driver flex

    Quote: They shouldn't crackle and pop! The warranty is 2 years - please contact us for help!
  4. Amy

    recable...does anyone from klipsch monitor this forum?

    Sorry, I'm not sure how I missed this one! We don't get over here as much as we'd like - always best to call or email us directly. We do not offer any re-cabling, no. The warranty on all our headphones is 2 years when purchased from an authorized dealer.  
  5. Amy

    Beats by Dr. "K" ? Klipsch M40

    Quote: We actually have the exact same engineers working on our headphone products as we did from the beginning. They have a lot to be proud of! Audiovox fully intends to allow us to function as an autonomous company, and has no plans to hinder our successes or affect the quality you've...
  6. Amy

    Image X5 -- Good Choice? Warranty?

    We would honor the 2 year warranty with either a replacement, if available, or a similar priced model. Hope that helps!
  7. Amy

    Has the klipsch image x10 been replaced by the x10i?

    Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the Image X10 has essentially been replaced by the X10i. Sounds is exactly the same, and same price.
  8. Amy

    RE: Home theater system

    Hello! This forum is dedicated to our headphone link. I would recommend you head over to the forum to inquire about home theater. Thanks for your interest!
  9. Amy

    Klipsch in 2010

    Quote: Is does not use the same driver.
  10. Amy

    Klipsch issues first on-ear headphones, Image S5i Rugged and bargain Image S3 earbuds

    Quote: Our product guys probably named it with a different number to avoid confusion. Thanks for catching that typo in the specs! It is supposed to be 8.5mm. We'll get that fixed
  11. Amy

    Klipsch in 2010

    Apple Store has exclusivity on the Image ONE for a while. They are shipping now!!
  12. Amy

    Klipsch Custom 2, any good?

    You'll probably get better luck with unbiased opinions in the main in-ear forum But yes, the Custom 2s have more bass and you will enjoy them more compared to the Custom 1.
  13. Amy

    Klipsch Custom Series

    We're working on things, don't worry!
  14. Amy

    Klipsch full size cans?

    Sorry, I can't yet! Soon though.
  15. Amy

    Imagine 5 discontinued?

    Not announced yet!
  16. Amy

    Imagine 5 discontinued?

    They are being phased out, yes.
  17. Amy

    Klipsch Ear Tip Patent Award

    Those are all the sizes we make, yes. Not all headphones come with all 5 sizes.
  18. Amy

    Many thanks Klipsch!!

    You're welcome, any time!
  19. Amy

    How long?

    We're still in catch-up mode from the holidays with email. I'm sorry about the delay. The fastest way to get us is to call 800-Klipsch. Thanks!
  20. Amy

    Exclusive Oval Ear Tips Accessory

    Sorry for the confusion, but yes, since you are outside of the US and we do not sell overseas, you cannot see the "add to cart" button. Like someone suggested, you could have a friend in the states order them and ship them to you. Or, these are available for any Klipsch dealer to...
  21. Amy

    Klipsch Custom Series

    Yes, the Custom series is being phased out to make room for some upcoming projects. Stay tuned!
  22. Amy

    Where to Buy S4 that ships to Canada?????

    Quote: Originally Posted by jrazzel Seems as though Klipsch is telling its American retailers not to distribute to Canada. Ive seen a few sites stating such. We do have strict distribution policies and territory guidelines. Please contact our Canadian distributor, Gentec, for...
  23. Amy

    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Best Sound = Custom 3 Best Comfort + Ease of Use + Sound = Image X10
  24. Amy

    Wiring Issue with Klipsch Image S4

    We can make exceptions with wiring issues, especially if it appears to be an obvious manufacturing defect. Headphone cables are highly susceptible to misuse, so we don't automatically cover them in all cases.
  25. Amy

    Wiring Issue with Klipsch Image S4

    Hello, Sorry to hear about the problem, and I'm glad you're being taken care of. We haven't seen any wire problems with the S4 line, and rest assured these have a 2 year warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer