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  1. jipan

    Review by 'jipan' on item 'FiiO E10'

    Much much much better than my onboard sound-card. Clean, black background, nice bass, nice vocals, nice treble if tad bright, nice separation, nice soundstage, nice bass boost. Everything is very nice, and at price only $80!!!!   And the features too! You got bass boost (as I already said...
  2. jipan

    Review by 'jipan' on item 'MEElectronics M6-CL In-Ear Headphones (Clear)'

    Very good sound for the price, at least the one I paid. Good bass, good vocals if tad laid back, and nice simmering treble if tad bright.   Isolation is good IF you can get good seal. I had to adjust the IEM several time to find the seal and comfort. Use the bi-flange for the best isolation...
  3. jipan

    Review by 'jipan' on item 'Audio Technica ATH-SJ33 BK Black | DJ Style Portable Headphones (Japan Import)'

    Another forgotten entry level gem.   This headphone is very fun: punchy, meaty bass which could reach deep if tad loose, forward vocal (great both for male and female vocals!), and sparkly treble (simmering, and with enough energy).   Very nice isolation, I could wear them on bus...
  4. jipan

    Review by 'jipan' on item 'Goldring DR150 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones'

    A very good bang for the buck. Kind of jack of all trade headphone.   The bass is meaty, thick, with good details. It reach deep, punchy but could a little loose at time.   Mid is middle place: not as in your face as grado, but not that laid back either. Actually the mid (and vocal) is kind...