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  1. swanlee

    Most reliable Blue tooth headphone for jogging

    Hello, This post isn't strictly about sound quality as it is for my wife. She has had issues with like 4 pairs of blue tooth ear buds for jogging. Either they stop holding a charge or one of them cuts out. We have had to return 3 pairs of them so far. She prefers the ones with ear hooks and not...
  2. swanlee

    Best reasonably priced portable/small Tube Headphone Amp

    So been an audiophile for decades, and I would finally like to take a dive and hear the quality of a tube amp. I'm more of a main system audio guy and I'm happy with my home setup so my portable area would be the best candidate to fit in my desire to try out the sound quality of Tubes. My...
  3. swanlee

    Best wifi + DLNA enabled DAP for under $500

    So I remembered the issue with the Onyko I read about, bad battery life and the headphone socket being to loose. I get 5-7 hrs with my Windows Tablet and would at want that with the Onkyo 
  4. swanlee

    ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

    So is this a good all around player with DLNA and wifi? I have pretty much researched every mid to high end DAP with wifi and it seems they all suck with wifi and have dropouts and stuttering playback. I have a DLNA server in my have with tons of lossless and 24bit 96k audio on it and I'd use...
  5. swanlee

    Best wifi + DLNA enabled DAP for under $500

    Glad to hear DLNA works on the Onkyo, I re read the thread here and see what I saw about issues but at least you got it to work how I would use it.
  6. swanlee

    Best wifi + DLNA enabled DAP for under $500

    Looked into the Cayin I5 and it also has wifi issues and is not a reliable audio player in that regards.   Oh Well it does not look like a workable audio player for me exists I just want a good sounding player with good reliable wifi for DLNA or Tidal, that doesn't sound like something so out...
  7. swanlee

    Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

    So how good is the wifi on this player? I would use it as a DLNA player streaming lossless audio up to 24bit 96k Wirelessly. Any wifi interfearance? Does Tidal work well on it? Any type of auto donwsampling when you use the EQ?
  8. swanlee

    FiiO X7 | DXD | DSD | 384K/64B | ESS9018+ Android | WiFi | Bluetooth | 4 AMP modules | Balanced Out |

    Well that sucks, is their any wifi enabled DAP that runs well and doesn't have issues? I've read of problems with the Pioneer and Onkyo wifi DAP's as well. If not I'll just stick to using Windows Tablets as my audio players. I don't have any wifi issues and AIMP has alot of sound options for me...
  9. swanlee

    Pioneer's first DAP, the XDP-100R announced in IFA

    How is DLNA wifi playback on this? Does the EQ and other DSP options reduce bit rate to 48k?
  10. swanlee

    Best wifi + DLNA enabled DAP for under $500

    So I've been using windows tablets with AIMP installed as my portable music device for the last 5 years and since then it seems some major strides have been made in DAP's.   I would need a wifi enabled device with seemless DLNA playback. I have 2 TB's of lossless and high res audio and assett...
  11. swanlee

    Nokia Lumia 920 sound quality?

    I've had one for some time now and it sounds really good but needs an amp.   The sound signature is warm and the EQ works well on it.
  12. swanlee

    Surface Pro as a source device

    Just an FYI the surface pro works really well as a source device. Battery is of course not great compared to smaller portable devices but the sound quality of the headphone output is really good. Win8 also has DLNA client capability built in. Using the Xbox music app to browse my DLNA server I...
  13. swanlee

    New Practical Devices XM6 Amp/DAC (The Complete Review)

    Bumping this thread, I've had an XM5 for along time and it is a great portable amp, can't wait to here more about the xm6  
  14. swanlee

    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1

    I heard from the makers that they are going back on sale in a couple of weeks. I recently tried semi custom earpiece adapters called yurbuds on a yuin PK3 which turned those Yuin's into amazing sounding earbuds, truly night and day they sound like full sized headphones now. Given the massive...
  15. swanlee

    HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

    Is the upgrade in SQ over the SFLO:2 worth the price of the 602?
  16. swanlee

    HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

      Quote: So how is the background noise on it? any hissing? Is the output of the PO more or less powerful than the SFLO:2. Is bass as powerfull?
  17. swanlee

    HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

    Quote: Yep, I'm after the best sounding dap I can afford. The 801 is a little out of my price range but the 602 could be gotten if it really is a sonic upgrade.
  18. swanlee

    S:flo2 impressions thread

      Quote: Yep, I still fail to see what the big deal about browsing by directory is and why some people flip out over it. I already have my music setup by in folders by artist\album\track so browsing for music on the sflo is pretty freaking simple. honestly how hard is it to go to...
  19. swanlee

    S:flo2 impressions thread

    Real 32GB Micro SD card that works with the SFLO:2   Just an FYI the san disk 32Gb micro sd cards came down in price now only 86$ instead of 199$ when they were first released. I ordered this last week and I got it the other day and loaded 30Gb worth of .flac files on it and it works...
  20. swanlee

    HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

    So any direct comparisons with the SFLO:2 yet? I'd be interested in this player if it is a clear sonic upgrade from the SFLO:2
  21. swanlee

    A new high end player: Colorfly

    I'd still rather see a few people that have listened to it then the usual crowd that scoffs at anything even before it is released.
  22. swanlee

    A new high end player: Colorfly

    Quote: Prediction people will judge it before even listening to it and then point to flat RMAA graphs on a sansa fuze and say if you buy anything else your wasting your money.
  23. swanlee

    SanDisk debuts newly designed Sansa Fuze+ PMPs

    Quote: It also should be a mandatory purchase before you are allowed to sign  up, You don't even have to listen to it just looks at the flat RMAA graphs as that is more pleasing then any real music.
  24. swanlee

    S:flo2 impressions thread

    Quote: On mp4nation they said that the SFLO:2 specifically deviates from normal rockchip activity when it comes to id tag reading, as it almost seems like teclast changed the id reading behaviour on purpose for some stupid reason. And apparently rockchip guards there SDK with an iron fist...
  25. swanlee

    S:flo2 impressions thread

    Quote:     Before gapless is added I would simply like proper ID tag reading so I do not have to use the browse by directory option. I want gapless to but with this player the gap is not that distracting and there are ALOT of players out that currently do not do gapless. The ID tag...