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  1. Robgo

    What's a good step up from SE535?

    I'm sort of in the market for new IEM's. I've owned my SE535 a couple of years now and they have done me well but I'm looking for a bit more now. I've modded my SE535 with the grey damper and get more clarity now and I like that. but I want a bit more low end without sacrificing impact or...
  2. Robgo

    Best way to increase the volume of the Darkvoice 332?

    On my quest of trying to get the best audio possible with my setup, I completely removed the opamp from my soundcard. Sound is fantastic this way, much clearer than even the lm4562 opamp, which sounds grainy in comparison. My setup is perfectly fine for most music this way except for...
  3. Robgo

    What's this chip on the Auzen Prelude for?

    Anyone know what this chip is and if it's replaceable? Looks like it's replaceable similar to the opamp but I can't find any reference to what it could be on the auzen site.
  4. Robgo

    Bypass opamp on X-Fi prelude

    I read about a mod over on AVSforum (very difficult to navigate and find info on that forum, which is why I'm posting this here) I read that you can bypass the opamp and have it lead directly to the amp and this would create better sound. I am not all that familiar with electronics nor...
  5. Robgo

    Warmness + Impact

    Whats the best way to achieve this? I'm quite happy with my DV 332 at the moment. Going to switch out these EF95's for some m8100s and hoping to see an improvement. I added a tube buffer to the chain and it warmed things up, brought out the mids a bit, and made me notice elements of songs I...
  6. Robgo

    Very stupid question. How do opamps work?

    Ok I got some opa637ap opamps to replace the stock one in my auzen prelude and only get sound from the left channel when I put them in. I figure that whatever source you plug these into would need one to drive the left and right channel while the auzen prelude only has one to drive both...
  7. Robgo

    Nyloning 650's

    I've seen a couple of references to this on here but can't find any info how one goes about doing this. I assume you take a piece of nylon and just replace the foam in there. Is it a very involving process or is it something easy to do? I haven't tried disassembling these yet so I'm not sure if...
  8. Robgo

    Sennheiser 650 end plugs

    I was curious to know if they made lone end plug connectors for the 650's that were available for purchase, like so I'm toying with the notion of making my own cable.
  9. Robgo

    Do you think, 20 years from now...

    that people will admire low-bit mp3s for their retro qualities? So many people use very low grade mp3s these days that it makes you wonder if they will admire the compression artifacts and poor quality for it's very nostalgic and retro qualities. Somewhat similar to how people admire vinyl...
  10. Robgo

    Master volume level with soundcard

    Does it matter very much with modern cards? (Auzen prelude for example) I know with some older cards they would distort the sound when put to full volume. Call me crazy, but I think my auzen might do the same so I lowered it to 80% and think it sounds better about that level. Not sure if this is...
  11. Robgo

    People who've bought a 336i from jasmine_chen on ebay recently

    How long has it taken for you to receive your 336i after you've won?
  12. Robgo

    How much did you pay for your 336i

    I don't know if this is against forum rules. People can PM me though, if so. I'm trying to get an idea of how much they generally sell for because I'm toying with the idea of purchasing a few in bulk and selling them online in order to try and keep prices cheaper than they are on ebay. Dunno...
  13. Robgo

    Can the Auzentech prelude play digital and analog simultaneously?

    Right now my main setup consists of a digital receiver hooked up via spdif to a chaintek AV-710. I wanted to purchase a dedicated tubeamp for a pair of Beyer DT 880's however I can't justify the expense of an external DAC. So in this case, the tubeamp would be connected directly to the...
  14. Robgo

    Beyerdynamic DT 880. Does it need an amp?

    I just bought a pair of these to replace my trusty (yet in very rough shape) Sennhieser 280's. I use a Panasonic XR-55 receiver and I've heard some mixed reviews about the headphone out jack. Will I need a separate amp for these headphones or should I be OK running out the headphone jack...