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  1. Super_Hippo

    Amp to power Grado 325s

    I am currently looking for an amp that will power my Grado 325s out of my iRiver H340. I would like to keep it portable (at least somewhat) and around 150 US or less. Right now I'm looking at: Z-Audio Mu - $110 Electric Avenues Pocket Amp 2 - $60 Xin Super Mini 3 - $140 Anyone...
  2. Super_Hippo

    Choice between phones.. Source: Karma

    The Contenders are... Koss Portapros Sennheiser HD 497 Sony Eggo D66 Source: Rio Karma, Ampless Music: Classical And Jazz Use: Portability Feel free to add anything if you really have to.
  3. Super_Hippo

    Cans for Classical and Jazz

    I am looking to get some new headphones to listen to Classical and Jazz music. I would like to stay around 50 but no higher than 60 dollars. I was looking at the Sennheiser Hd-497's how are those?