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  1. papijoe08

    Brainwavz R3 Expectations and Info

    Brainwavz is working on a new dual dynamic iem, this could be their follow-up to brainwavz r1. Hopefully this one is a lot better than r1.   As stated by mp4nation "Brainwavz R3 dual dynamic earphones. Carved from billeted aluminum, 4 speakers in total tuned for high fidelity audio and...
  2. papijoe08

    Soundmagic ES18 Update Version?

    Just got my brand new replacement es18 last night  My vomit green colored es18 is now bright green, then the cables now feel sturdier its not rubbery anymore instead it feels plasticky (from what I remember its texture is like hs popo's cable but thinner than the tank like cables of hs popo...