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  1. Bootleg

    Best Charlie Parker Box Set?

    I'm looking to add Charlie Parker to my collection in one fell swoop, but "The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings" appears to have some issues??? Is this still the best way to go to capture Bird?
  2. Bootleg

    What is the best pair of electrostats under $15?

    All suggestions must be able to be safely placed on my head without frying my wig.
  3. Bootleg

    Denon AH-D5000 - Made in Japan?

    I have only seen one pair of D5000's in real life, and they were made in China. (they were also bought from either Audio Cubes or Price Japan, don't know which). I have read rumors that D5000's bought from US distributors are MADE IN JAPAN. Any truth to this? If someone has a pair that...
  4. Bootleg

    Denon AH-D5000 and AH-D2000 - Screws Coming Loose?

    Over the weekend, I was listening to a pair of Denon AH-D5000's and one of the screws that attached the earcup to the headband fell out. The earcup then came loose from the headband and dropped off. The screw was found and the earcup replaced, so it was not a huge issue. This morning at work...
  5. Bootleg

    Grado RS1 vs Audio Technica ATH-W5000

    As tasked by islewind in this thread I have undertaken a comparison of the Grado RS1 and Audio Technica ATH-W5000 headphones. Although each could be classified as the flagship of its respective brand (RS1 not so much), this battle would appear to be a mismatch if MSRP's were any...
  6. Bootleg

    Logitech Harmony 720 Universal Remote

    I couldn't get my new McIntosh to work with the cheesy universal remote that comes with our cable box (the NAD worked fine), so I started looking into remote options. I decided to give the Logitech Harmony 720 a try, it's the UR they sell at Costco. To be honest, I was expecting a moderate...
  7. Bootleg

    MAD Mapletree Ear Purist HD vs HD2 - Hawaii? Oahu? Honolulu?

    Does anyone on Oahu have a Mapletree Ear Purist HD? I've ordered an HD2 and would like to put the debate to rest in my own mind. Dr. Lloyd claims the HD2 sounds better while MrArroyo prefers the HD. Since the price is going up in 2 days, I'm thinking of just buying an HD to do the...
  8. Bootleg

    MAD Mapletree Viper 2 Stereo Magic Eye Monitor

    Has anyone ever bought or seen one of these contraptions? I'd love to see some pics and or a youtube video of those lights going to town...anybody know anything about it?
  9. Bootleg

    Woo vs. Ray Samuels vs. Singlepower

    Aloha all, As you can see in my signature, I'm in the process of acquiring four well regarded sets of cans: Grado SR325i Sennheiser HD650 Beterdynamic DT 880 AKG K 701 I bought all four in the hopes of doing extended A/B/C/D sessions in order to see which one or two I'm gonna keep. The...
  10. Bootleg

    Best Woo amp for headphones only

    I have about $1,500 to spend on a dedicated headphone amp. Jack Wu suggested either the Woo 2 or 4, but both of these come with extra features that I won't use (pre amp and speaker amp). Is the Woo 6 identical to the Woo 4, just without the preamp and speaker functions?
  11. Bootleg

    Total Bithead: High Gain vs Low

    I'm using the Total Bithead to power my AKG K 701's. When I had the gain setting on Low and the volume dial turned all the way to max, the volume of the music was just barely shy of the max that i could imagine listening to (but quite comfortable). As I've read that the 701's are hard to...
  12. Bootleg

    DAC1 USB - One Simple Question For Elias

    Elias - Simply put, with all things being equal, am I better off plugging the Benchmark DAC1 USB into an XP or Vista PC?
  13. Bootleg

    Benchmark DAC1 USB Better in XP or Vista?

    I am not a power user and do not have the noodle to be able to figure out the subtle nuances of the KMIXER. I have read a few posts where Elias has said that Vista does audio better than XP, but then I've read a few where he seems to possibly say that XP has some advantages. Further, it...
  14. Bootleg

    Need amp for HD650, K 701, SR325i, & DT 880 Shootout

    There is another thread going on the headphone side about my steep fall off the deep end of the headphone audio world: I went from owning (but never listening to) a lonely pair of SR80's to buying the items in my signature in less than...
  15. Bootleg

    I've gone from zero to off the deep end in less than a week.

    I've been a wannabe audiophile for a few years now, listening almost exclusively to conventional home audio systems. Then it happened: We had a baby. No more late night listening sessions. No more mid-day listening sessions. No more listening sessions period. But a whole lot of "TURN THAT...