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  1. morphie

    Singlepower MPX3 vs Emmeline II The Raptor

    Could someone do a short comparison please? I'm looking to buy either amps, and as they both cost about the same I am not sure which amp would be more suitable for my setup (look in signature). It would be something like: Audiophile USB coaxial out-->Blue Dragon Digital coaxial...
  2. morphie

    Portable tubey?

    I found something fun on eBay:
  3. morphie

    M-Audio Audiophile USB SP/Dif output problem

    I don't know if anyone's encountered the problem before, but I am trying to use the coaxial output on my Audiophile USB, and listening out the DAC-1's headphone out, and no sound... I tried using the toshiba dvd player as source instead of the audiophile usb with exactly the same cables n...
  4. morphie

    Millet Hybrid Head with Grados?

    I'm wondering if this is a good match, has anyone tried one? Is the DAC-1 a suitable source? Any thoughts or suggestions welcome
  5. morphie

    Just noticed something about my SR325 (silver)

    I noticed that when I listen at low volumes they sound quite muddy, but if I turn up the volume to about 8-9 o'clock on the ra-1 clone and the dac-1, theyre suddenly very clear and detailled. Could someone else who owns these try it out and confirm? Thanks
  6. morphie

    My quest for synergy is finally over!

    So I've been listening to my "new" home headphone setup which consists of: FLAC or APE to winamp+ASIO to M-Audio Transit optical out to Benchmark DAC-1 RCA out (silver ICs) to RA-1 clone to Grado SR325 silver. all morning when finally I realized that wow, stuff rocked. This is by far the...
  7. morphie

    A comparison: Benchmark DAC-1 optical VS coaxial

    So I've been doing some testing as to wether the Coaxial input or the Optical input of my DAC-1 rocks more. People tell me the coaxial is slightly better. I've been using optical all along and was curious about trying out coaxial to see the difference. Here's my conclusion after a few hours...
  8. morphie

    C Pads for RS-1 - worth it or not?

    Hi, So, C Pads Beta from for RS-1s - worth it? I like my RS-1s alot and the C Pad was a ncie addition to the 325s, but I'm having some doubts for the RS-1s. What do you guys think?
  9. morphie

    upgrade headroom home or buy dynahi?

    So, my current setup is like this: PC-->nvidia nforce2-->optical out to benchmark dac1--->headphile blackmax ICs to headroom home--->RS-1s soon to be: PC-->m-audio transit + NAD C542-->optical to DAC1-->Headroom Home-->RS-1s For 300 USD I can send my home back to headroom n have a...
  10. morphie

    So I received my AKG k501s...

    I've always wondered how I would like AKG k501's sound so I bought a pair from thrice to see if they're as good as people say they are. Just started listening, first impression is these are amazing for the money, do not lack bass imo, only bass impact (you don't feel the bass like with beyers or...
  11. morphie

    325i vs RS-1

    I dont think ive read a comparison between the two yet... Could anyone tell me if the RS-1 is still a big level up?
  12. morphie

    A few questions about SACD...

    I'm a bit curious about SACD as I've never heard any before. Is it worth it to buy a SACD player and some SACDs? Even though I have a DAC-1? What exactly does SACD bring you more than a normal CD? Whats a good SACD player for around 200USD max? Thanks to all replies
  13. morphie

    Where to buy SACDs?

    Where can I find a wide selection of SACDs for a decent price preferably in europe?
  14. morphie

    just got my Headroom Home amp...

    im using this instead of the woo audio 3 with my 325s. First of all id lke to start off by saying that in my setup and with my ears, solid state amps sound ALOT better. First of all, the negative points. - Ground noise is rather high past 12 o'clock (humming). On quiet songs it can become...
  15. morphie

    Driving speakers with DAC = dangerous?

    Hello, Quick question, if I hook up floorstanding speakers to the DAC to test em out for 5 mins at low volume, is it dangerous for the DAC at all? Someone told me that the speakers would suck out too much power and eventually damage the DAC - however since I control the strength of the...
  16. morphie

    Jazz lovers plz help

    Hello, I am currently listening to Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um (album) and was wondering if anyone knew anything alike in the jazz department. I've tried out John Coltrane etc which is good but not like this... I am not particularly a jazz lover (as of yet) but its a music I come to love...
  17. morphie

    Problem installing emu 0404

    Hello, I have some problems installing the emu 0404 soundcard. I plugged it in and restarted but when I put in the CD and try to install drivers etc it tells me i don't have an emu 0404 card installed on my computer. I thought it was because i had a built in soundcard on my motherboard which...
  18. morphie

    Overall cost

    Hello to all D-I-Y peeps, I have a small question, that uve probably heard 10000 times but here goes: How much does it cost you to build your own amp? Compared to the price of an amp somewhat the same, but already built, of some well known brand? Thanks for the feedback! PS: a fun...