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  1. MahthovenWang

    iBasso P4 with AK120

    Hi guys out there, I have an iBasso P4 amp and I am considering purchasing an AK120 in the near future to bring my music enjoyment to the next step. I know that the P4 is a very good amp for its high quality components and versatility, but I've also heard that the AK120 is very picky with amps...
  2. MahthovenWang

    Litz VS Stranded

    Hi guys I have a real noob question here: what is the difference between the Litz structure of a cable and a stranded structure of a cable? Let say that they are made of the same material i.e. Litz Copper cable VS Stranded Copper cable are there any sonic differences? Any help is much appreciated :)
  3. MahthovenWang

    Material and audio quality of digital cables

    Hi guys I was just looking for an upgrade digital cable (apple 30 pin to USB A connector) and I'm wondering if silver or silver and copper hybrid or silver with gold injection used in this cable would actually make any difference. Any help is much appreciated :)
  4. MahthovenWang

    Recommendations for decent 30pin to usb cable

    Hi guys I'm looking for a decent quality 30 pin Apple dock connector to a Type A USB cable that is around 50-60. Any help/suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  5. MahthovenWang

    Schiit or Graham Slee or Lehmann or Violectric?

    I was initially planning to get the Schiit Audio Lyr + Bifrost as my desktop setup in the future, and I went out yesterday to audition some desktop amps. I didn't manage to audition the Schiit as it is not ready for auditioning yet. So I tried the Graham Slee Novo instead and found out that the...
  6. MahthovenWang

    Looking for reference-class DAC

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a portable DAC only that could be both used as a usb DAC and an iDevice DAC and my budget would be around $200. I hope that it would be a reference-class DAC that would sound as neutral as possible, or is it possible to get such a DAC at this price point? Any help from u...
  7. MahthovenWang

    Portable on-ear headphones

    Hi guys I have a Westone 4r, Beyerdynamic T90, and I am looking for a portable on-ear headphone this time for travelling and everyday use. I am playing misc on an iPod classic and I have an iBasso P4 amplifier. I am looking at audiophile grade ones and my budget is under 600. I prefer a closed...
  8. MahthovenWang

    Amp Dac combo or amp and dac?

    Ok guys this might seem like a stupid question but I would really like to know if an amp w/ dac combo would sound better or worse than a dedicated amp and a dedicated dac with the same price... Thanks in advance :)
  9. MahthovenWang

    Portable amp for my gear

    Hi guys, I am newbie here and hope you guys don't mind my ignorance here... I currently own an iBasso P4 amp to use with my Beyer T90 and Westone 4R. However, I am looking for an upgrade for my amplification but I am certainly puzzled by the diversity of amps out there in the market...... My...