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  1. sky-watsher

    Sony MDR-1000X

    Rocking my Sony H.ear.on mdr 100abn, for a year now, would you guys suggest an upgrade ? I'm no frequent flyer, and the ANC is fine in the 100abn (although i only use it outside, due to the pressure sensation over my ears). Sound Quality wise, 100abn has the sony signature, (highs and extreme...
  2. sky-watsher

    Win a SUSVARA

    My TV Brings Life to Pictures My Watch Gives Time a Smell My (Future) SUSVARA Adds Color to Music ! Indefinitely Human...
  3. sky-watsher

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hey Folks ! Greetings From Dubai ! Aspiring Audiophile, joining to learn and meet like-minded minds (an Ears). Audio enthusiast since the K7 days. Cheers