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    Will the Etymotic ER-4S Or ER-4P Be A Better Match for my Cowon D2?

    The ER4S is slightly more accurate than the ER4P. The ER4S needs a amp to shine. You will definitely need a warm sounding portable amplifier since the Cowon D2 is a cold sounding player along with the ER4 series which are cold earphones. You will get a freezing sound.
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    Best Earphones that Reproduces Your Source Faithfully!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Starsky5000 I'm seriously eyeing the Etymotic ER4P. But what about the Phonak Audeo? How do they compare to the Etymotic? The Etymotic ERP4 has slightly more treble extension but that doesn't mean the Audeo PFE is lacking any treble. The Audeo PFE...
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    Where Best to Buy Shure

    Here are some reputable places:Earphone Solutions Head Room Amazon
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    Best Earphones that Reproduces Your Source Faithfully!

    Etymotic ER4 Shure SE420 Phonak Audeo PFE Sennheiser IE7 Those are pretty balanced earphones.
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    Custom cables for Shure SE530?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dkg I had the same problem with the E500's, which shure replaced. According to a tech at shure, if you dip a cloth in a mild soap and water solution and wipe the wires weekly or more frequently, they will never harden or crack. It seems some people, myself...
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    Shure SE530? Is it still a top ranking IEM?

    Quote: Originally Posted by charlie0904 tried this combo b4, no synergy IMO. The RSA Tomahawk is what's made for the Shure SE530, perfect synergy there.
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    The Shure SE530's really need a EQ.

    I guess I pretty much learned what treble is. All the triple flanges did was give me a full and clear sound in each ear which seemed to open up the treble. Really it didn't. The foam tips just weren't for my ear canals. I have my SE530's hooked up to my laptop right now. I have found the perfect...
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    TRANCE/HOUSE fans only!!

    I listen to alot of trance to. Mostly ATB. I have the Zune 120gb and the Shure SE530's and they pair wondefully. Deep, powerful and tight bass. Amazingly precise midrange. Also the treble is a bit low on volume but the detail is all there.
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    Which sleeves you prefer for SE530? and about triple flange sleeves

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bonthouse Cut the smalles flange off, put them on the stem till the barb and put them in your ear. That is the best sound for me Will look freaky because the SE530 is floating near your ear, but sounds oh so good. Bonthouse this is a placebo effect...
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    What's the ultimate player in terms of sound quality on the market?

    Quote: Originally Posted by matt8268 Haven't heard a lot of these other players, but I've heard many flavors of iPod. It would be hard to convince me you could get much better, if any better, sound quality than the iMod 5G with portable vcap dock and amp. You get to a certain point...
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    From Triple.Fi to UM3X

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nailzs Welp that just about dashes any intentions of buying the UM3X for me. Having my ER-4P for about 6 months I love the clarity the ER-4P has, and I don't want to waste money on something I couldn't be happy with. You can get a pair of earphones...
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    Shure SE530 vs. Westone UM3X

    May I ask what tips were on the Shure SE530's?
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    Shure SE530? Is it still a top ranking IEM?

    Pair them up with a RSA tomahawk portable amplifier and the highs will be bought out. Try my mod and the highs will be brought out. EQ them and the highs will be bought out.
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    Shure SE530 : Are they a "fun" IEM?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ManAtWork After having the SE530 and TF10Pro for more than 12 months, I am sure SE530 sounds better if matching it with a good amp like RSA Tomahawk. It sounds much better than many more expensive or higher end combo, only you have to give the Tomahawk fully...
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    Inside the Shure SE530's!! Warning: Very Graphic!! No 56K users!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by dhaninugraha this thread should have a "Parental Advisory Warning: Explicit Content" tag on the title LOL.
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    Shure SE530 : Are they a "fun" IEM?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bigburger Yeah go for it! Especially at that price. Got mine a week or two back, upgrading from d-JAYS. Took me about a week to get used to the sound, but now I absolutely love listening to them. I think I even prefer them to my HD555 with Creek
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    IEM's and air pressure inside the ears

    Occasionally I'll raise my ears without touching them just using my face muscles. The seal from my Shure SE530's breaks and air escapes resulting in a fuller sound. This will always happen if something is blocking your ear canal since air pressure will build up quickly.
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    I hate seeing these..but I really need some help.

    Quote: Originally Posted by fabianwseko getting a pair of er4p may be even dangerous for you... It happen to me er6i gave me too much isolation.. i was hit by a semi truck last week.. What? Are you ok?
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    Any idea when the HD800 review will be up?
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by sonq I'm a Sennheiser supplier who visits them as part of my work but not involved in the HD800. Just sharing what I heard direct from the team. Anyway, it's just a headphone, why would anyone want to create rumors about delivery dates... It's not...
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by John Willett There is a 4-page review in the June issue of Hi-Fi Plus magazine. Due in the shopos tomorrow in the UK and a few days later in the USA. Will it be posted on the internet?
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    What is the best DAC under $3,000?

    The thread title is the question.... I'm going to feed it digital from my laptop via USB. My headphone amplifier will be a RSA B52 feeding a pair of Sennheiser HD800's.
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    Best AMP to get for HD650 ($1000 dollar budget) + some other questions

    Or you can go for it all like me with no worrying on how this higher quality component may sound.... My future rig will be a Dell Laptop feeding via USB a Benchmark DAC1 HDR feeding a RSA B52 headphone amplifier feeding a pair of Sennheiser HD800. One of the best headphone rigs right...