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  1. jigglywiggly

    Earbuds that seal and don't protrude the ear

    Anyone know any earbuds that seal decently well and that you can sleep with without worrying about damaging your ear? The Symphonized NRG earbuds I have at the moment stick out so you could really hurt your ear if you slept on top of your arm by accident.   I don't particularly care about the...
  2. jigglywiggly

    Cheap earbuds with no microphonics

    Anyone know any? I like the stock htc one earbuds quite a bit, but the microphonics on them is insane. It gives me a headache.   Wrapping it around my ear helps, but it's not good enough.     Anyone know any clip on earbuds that isolate well, are cheap, and sound pretty decent? <50$ is...
  3. jigglywiggly

    Sealed headphones under 100$, a bit bassy and comfy?

    So I had the dt-770s and they broke. They were very comfy, and they sealed okay.   I currently have the takstar hi-2050s, and they sound nice, but they are open.     I know about the takstar pro 80 headphones, but they will take forever to be delivered.   Any other headphone...