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  1. mr.karmalicious

    Gigabeat F40 Line-out

    Has it been done by anybody? Google would suggest not, but I figure that if somebody's done it, they reside here. Anyway, I've cannibalized my dock, and have the innards laying on my desk next to me. I'm going to start working on it this week, with some help from a friend who knows more about...
  2. mr.karmalicious

    Recabling Shures.

    Has anybody done this? I'm not sure that there's a point, or if it's worth the effort, or even plausible, but I figure that if I'm going to be going semi-all-out on my portable rig in a little while, I might as well inquire. I've seen recabled E2s, but I was wondering more along the lines of...
  3. mr.karmalicious

    Would SE530s be a good fit for me?

    Yeah. I swore I wouldn't buy anything after my E4s (and as such, have not been here for a over a year) but, upon my return (for all of a day), I've been hit with the upgraditis, and I'm seriously considering SE530s. Anyway, on to what's important here--what I like from a headphone, and the...
  4. mr.karmalicious

    URGENT. Computer Broken. Needs to be fixed SOON.

    Jajajaja. I've a huge black belt test today. I had an essay that I had to write saved on my computer, and I need it in a few hours. This morning, I went to boot it. Strangely, it seemed that half of the stuff on the screen was in a darkish red color instead of the usual white (same black...
  5. mr.karmalicious

    Metroid Prime Hunters

    Wow. This game is amazing. Here's my information, if you want to play: Name: <@mrk> FC: 3651 3978 1565
  6. mr.karmalicious

    Someone kill me, please. Life isn't worth living after seeing that .
  7. mr.karmalicious


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  8. mr.karmalicious

    The Revolution will not be Televised (but it will be on Engadget) And, the GBM...
  9. mr.karmalicious

    AKG K26P?

    Hey, I've got someone over at Riovolution who wants to buy some of these. He lives in France, and they are too expensive for him there. I googled 'AKG K26P,' and all of the results are in French. Have they been discontinued? Or are they called something else over here in America/UK/whatever...
  10. mr.karmalicious

    Good Headphones ($125-ish)

    Hey guys, my geography teacher notices that I'm very fond of 'phones, and she wants to get some nice ones. I'm jus wondering, what are the best full-sized headphones in the $125 range? Thanks.