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  1. eliziz

    Best coaxial out from PC (to Gamma-2)

    Hi guys,   My story goes like this: A few months back I bought the AMB y2 after being very happy with my y1 lite. As with the y1 i connected it via usb because my computer doesn't output s/pdif.   Now I wonder about using the coaxial input. Everywhere I looked  coaxial was mentioned as...
  2. eliziz

    200$ amp for my new md5000

    hi guys. just got myself a pair of markl d5000 and now begins the search for an amp. i have here the amb y1 aka gamma1 as sourch from my computer. my budget is arround 200$. from what i read so far those cans prefer ss amps. though i did not see meny options come up time after time...
  3. eliziz

    400$ classic/rock phones

    hi guys up to now i had a set of ad700+some average usb dac/amp. i'm looking for upgrade options. already got here the amb gamma 1 and the gamma 2 is on its way and of course i'll choose an amp later. up to now i aimed mainly at the ad900 from the great things i've heard+ my liking of...
  4. eliziz

    omz v3 or amb y2?

    hello those two are the dac option for my new rig. they wil both be connected to my computer via usb (the omz via a teralink-x adapter). they will connect my soon to come ath-ad900 through an amp i have yet to choose. i aslo have a basic onkyo stereo amp and a pair of wharfedale 9.1. btw, do...