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  1. Hudson

    The merits of high fidelity audio in the real world

    Yeah a quick google suggests that most pro audio processing tools utilise floating point processing. If that is the case, I'm curious are there really any areas along the processing chain where high bit depth is of any benefit? Providing of course you are of the opinion that the redbook...
  2. Hudson

    1/8" Stereo Plug Question...

    Depends on the design, but yes if it's supplied then I would use it.
  3. Hudson

    what is electricity. what is that 'stuff' flowing through all our hifi gear?

    I'd  suggest you start here, Volume 2.   If it's too difficult try wikipedia.
  4. Hudson

    [Impression] FiiO E10

        My previous one was an e7 I think. Similar dac/amp, the display died on that one, along with one of the volume buttons. I'm living on a different continent to where I bought the e10, so I don't think I'll bother trying to return it. Cheers anyway.     Thanks for the suggestion, but...
  5. Hudson

    post your grado mods....

    Guys I need new earpads for my SR125s, they're turning to dust on me. Are there any comfy velour options/mods that are an easy fit? Also where is the best place to get the thickest and softest pleather/leather headband? Cheers
  6. Hudson

    [Impression] FiiO E10

    Yes the thing sounds fine, but the whole reason I bought it was to reduce noise. And here I am with a noisy volume knob. This it the second fiio product that has died prematurely on me, and will be the last product I buy from this company. Not impressed.
  7. Hudson

    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Cable induced "treble etch". My worst nightmare.......
  8. Hudson

    Synergistic Research HOT device

      See Mels post no. 85 explaining his/her position with regard to posting measurement results.
  9. Hudson

    Synergistic Research HOT device

    Bare in mind nobody so far claiming to hear an audible difference has done so through a blind test. If an audible diffence can be identified during a blind test i.e. the subject can identify the hot every time, then I would indeed expect that to be quite easily measurable. Generally speaking...
  10. Hudson

    I truly believe these are one of the best Classical Music headphones I've ever heard

    I love dt990s they are my current favourite can. I don't listen to too much classical but I found them reasonable in terms of isolation. Though I think on a bus with classical music, particularly if there are lots of quiet passages it might become a little annoying.
  11. Hudson

    MQA: Revolutionary British streaming technology

    I'd probably have something nice to say too if I was invited to the top of the shard for wine and canapés. When I was studying in London there were enough recruitment nights for the big investment banks and consultancy firms that I could get sloshed for free about 4 nights a week!
  12. Hudson

    Synergistic Research HOT device

    No, it just means it's not measurable. But, you have to be clear on what you mean by audible, as stated above by others. An audible difference to me means you are able to detect it under a blind test. Which will almost inevitably mean you can measure it too.
  13. Hudson

    Synergistic Research HOT device

      The problem for Synergistic Research is credibility.   If they at least made a claim that sounded even remotely plausible, like there was some capacitive/crossfeed effect in the HOT, then people might not be so quick do brand them snakeoil salesmen. Saying RF radiation (which incidentally...
  14. Hudson

    Synergistic Research "Atmosphere"

    For 2k you could probably buy enough chicken wire to turn your entire listening room into a Faraday cage and not have to worry about solar flares.
  15. Hudson

    Tidal lossless listening test, what's going on here?

    Yeah sorry, typo. I transcoded the lossless flac!
  16. Hudson

    Tidal lossless listening test, what's going on here?

      I've downloaded the files above and I can identify between their lossy and non-lossy files using the foobar ABX plugin. 19/20 correctly so far.   I transcoded their non-lossy files using dBpoweramp using Lame mp3 192kbps CBR, and I fail to tell the difference by ABX, no better than...
  17. Hudson

    Tidal lossless listening test, what's going on here?

    Yes I can also hear a big enough change to pick them out very easily. I've never come so close using ABX of similar (or lower) bit rates in foobar.
  18. Hudson

    Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

      Are you really are considering buying this product or are you just looking for an argument?    If you do want to buy one, it may be worth you reading the whole thread. I certainly would be curious if I was spending this amount of money on a similar priced product.
  19. Hudson

    Some HOT Science From Synergistic Research

      Well we've already had EDX, what else did you have in mind?
  20. Hudson

    Noob question about cable upgrade

      No, providing it is well made and doesn't fall apart (such as the grado one above) it won't make a difference. Besides, it's gonna be cheaper than buying new amps or cables right?
  21. Hudson

    24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

    Thanks for confirming. I also took a look at the other page. Yeah, fading into audible noise would be more obvious i guess, I was just suprised by how inaudible the quantization noise was in the tracks. It's an interesting website so thanks, I'm curious to know how many people can tell pass the...
  22. Hudson

    Question about music quality

    What would you guys suggest as the most straightforward way for me to compare various codecs at different bit-rates? Currently, 99% of my music library is ALAC running itunes on windows. Thanks!
  23. Hudson

    24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

      Is the 8-bit sample dithered and noise shaped?
  24. Hudson

    iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Audio Quality

    Apologies in advance if this has already been covered, but I'm considering upgrading to an iphone 5s or 6 and want to know if the lightning to usb adapter can be plugged directly into my DAC, using the iphone as a source as I currently use my laptop?
  25. Hudson

    Recommendation needed: Combo Amp/DAC for Shure IEM.

    Hello all, I've not been on here for some time so I'm a bit out of touch with whats hot or not.   I'm looking for a combo amp/dac to run my shure se215s, (plus grado sr125i and ath-es7 occasionaly).   Main reason is the phono out from my Macbook is noisy. This will be left on my desk at work...