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  1. headchange4u

    Klipsch Promedia 2.1: No/Low Sub Output. Need Help.

    I have a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers that I have had for several years and I really like them.  Recently the subwoofer has almost no output whatsoever, even when cranked to their highest level. In the past, with the subwoofer know at the 10 o'clock position, it would rattle your teeth...
  2. headchange4u

    Amp Stuck In Stand-By. Please help.

    A friend of mine bought a Kinergetics Research CD player, preamp, and amp from Ebay. The seller said that the equipment was bought at an estate sale an that the cables were missing. Once he hooked everything up he found that the power amp would not come out of standby mode. We are assuming...
  3. headchange4u

    Help. Amp Stuck In StandBy

    A friend of mine bought a Kinergetics Research CD player, preamp, and amp from Ebay. The seller said that the equipment was bought at an estate sale an that the cables were missing. Once he hooked everything up he found that the power amp would not come out of standby mode. We are assuming...
  4. headchange4u

    New DIY Switch Mode iPod Charger. Nice.

    I found this today and I thought I would post a link . A DIY iPod charger that runs off 3 AA batteries. Here's the link: Quote: The goal of this project was to build an efficient Altoids tin iPod (firewire) charger that runs on 3...
  5. headchange4u

    TOOL 10,000 Days CD Packaging. Wow

    I would like to get the thoughts of the others here on that cool packaging on the new Tool CD. Have you discovered what the glassses do?
  6. headchange4u

    DIY miniMinty MP3. MP3 player in a Altoids GUM tin!

    I thought this was pretty cool. Check it out: mini Minty MP3 Player Quote: he birth of miniMinty And so it came to pass, with the advent of Limor's Minty MP3 and miniaturization being what it was, that the masses yearned for an MP3 player of more slender dimensions. An iPod...
  7. headchange4u

    J&R: Koss PortaPro2 $19.99 and PortaPro $39.99. Is This Right?

    I was looking on J&R's selection of Koss headphones when I noticed that the PortaPro2's were $19.99 while the PortaPro's were $39.99. I thought the PortaPro2's sounded better than the PortaPro? It's half the price!? It states that these have a 20.00 discount off of "list" price. Is this the...
  8. headchange4u

    Just Listened To The New Gomez Single. Nice!

    I just went to the Gomez website and you can listen to the first single "How We Operate" from the upcoming album (May 2006) "How We Operate". I must say that if this track is any indication of what the new album is going to be like, and then Gomez fans are going to be very happy. Gomez is one...
  9. headchange4u

    POLL: A Sub-Forum for Headphone Modification by model.

    I have a set of Koss KSC-35's on the way, and of course I am going to mod the hell out of them. So I start searching for mods to the KSC35 and there are a lot of threads scattered throughout the forum. It is pretty much the norm to have to sift through tons of posts to find information on...
  10. headchange4u

    Cable Origami: How to keep earbud cords from tangling.

    I saw this article on on how to wind the cords on earbuds to keep them from tangling. I tried it last night and it worked really well. From original article: Quote: Reader Paul says he’s got a little trick that helps keep his headphone cables from getting...
  11. headchange4u

    Train - For Me. It's You. Disappointed.

    I've always like Train. I used to work in a local music store and I remember getting a promo copy of Train's first album. This was before they had gained any notoriety. I loved the album from the first time I listened to it. "Heavy" gave me cold chills the first time I heard it. I even managed...
  12. headchange4u

    Need a Pic of SR-71 and iPod 4G 60GB.

    I am finally going to break down and buy an SR-71, but before I do I was wondering if anyone had a pic of a iPod 60GB 4G and the SR-71 side-by-side for comparison. I would like to see a top down pic so I could I can compare length and width and a pic from the front so that I can compare...
  13. headchange4u

    Portishead - Alien. The fake album.

    Portishead fans may be aware that a few years ago there was album that was going around the underground and bootleg scene that supposed to be a new Portishead album called "Alien". Members of Portishead denied that the album had anything to do with Portishead. This was the statement given by...
  14. headchange4u

    What is the best pad for MS-2i?

    I have a set of MS-2i's on the way. I would like to get an idea of what pads are available and how they influence the sound of these cans.
  15. headchange4u

    How Big Is Yours? iPod/Media Player Stats.

    I have been into electronics since before I can remember, but still, to this day, staggers me on how much music a person can carry around in their pocket. I thought it would be fun to list your current iPod/media player stats. By stats I mean number of artists, albums, genres, and tracks on...
  16. headchange4u

    Build your own DIY Record Cleaner.

    I saw this on today and I thought I would pass along the information. Quote: Build your own high quality, easy to use record cleaner. This design can be built for less than $50 and will remove at least as much grunge as the expensive VPI record cleaners. The original concept was...
  17. headchange4u

    Who Song Is In The Pontiac G6 Coupe Commercial?

    I was watching TV tonight and I saw a new Pontiac G6 coupe commerical. It was the one that is dark and starts out by showing curving lines of the car. It ends showing a black G6 and there is a sort of spider web looking thing in front of the car. The catch phrase for the commercial is something...
  18. headchange4u

    Futuresonic FS1's reviewed.

    There is a review of the new Futuresonic FS1'a at iLounge . Sounds like they are Ety's with increased bass. I like that right angle plug. Quote: Many moons ago, we looked at a pair of sub-$200 earphones called EM3s (iLounge rating: B+) from a company called Future Sonics, which we...
  19. headchange4u

    Day of Defeat: Source. Opinions and comments.

    I have been playing Day of Defeat source for a little over a week now. I thought it was really fun in the begining, but I have gotten bored with it lately. I think it looks beautiful and plays great. They could have included a couple of more maps. I think the maps included started to feel...
  20. headchange4u

    Do You Use Opinions?

    I got an offer to get 3 free audiobooks from I've thought about trying Audible before, but I have never made the leap. They are also giving away a 512MB iPod Shuffle to new users. You have to sign up for 6 months of service (14.95 x 6 = 89.70 + 12.95 s&H=102.65). This seems like a...
  21. headchange4u

    iPod Nano Gutted (Japanese site)

    Someone bought an iPod Nano just to open it up. Site is in Japanese but there are some good pics.
  22. headchange4u

    Any Place Online to Find Record Values?

    I recently purchased a record from Ebay. It's a pretty rare album, one that was supposed to have never made to record store shelves, but a few did. I wanted to know if there was someplace online that I could find out how much it is worth. I'm not wanting to sell it, but I would like know it's...
  23. headchange4u

    Bob Moog, Inventor of Moog Synth, Dies.

    Sad Day. R.I.P Bob. You will be missed. Quote: Bob's Body Leaves Us Photo of Bob at work in Asheville ASHEVILLE, N.C. — August 21, 2005 — Bob died this afternoon at his home in Asheville, N.C. He was 71. Bob was diagnosed with brain cancer...
  24. headchange4u

    Tool releasing Lateralus on vinyl! Where to buy?

    I read on Tool's website that they will be releasing Lateralus on vinyl on Agust 23. The was a limited edition release on the website but those are already sold out. I MUST HAVE A COPY OF THIS !!!!!! I have all of Tools other albums on vinyl and I must have this to complete my collection...
  25. headchange4u

    Ety fan wants to try some Shure IEM. What to expect?

    I am a mojor fan of my Etys. I've owned ER-6, ER-6i, and I currently own the ER-4p/s. I've never heard anything in the Shure e*c line, but I have always been curious. So my question is what are the sonic differences between the Ety line and the Shure line. I am looking at getting either a set...