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  1. sirmasterboy

    USB to Digital Coax 24Bit?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a device for my laptop that will convert from USB to digital coaxial so I can hook my laptop up to a home theater receiver to send over DD and DTS signals. I believe it needs to support 24bit for the DD and DTS signals. Thanks
  2. sirmasterboy

    Cannot bypass KMixer?

    Here is what I have tried so far: Winamp Plugins: Kernel Streaming ASIO WASAPI Foobar2000 Plugins: Kernel Streaming ASIO WASAPI My Hardware: Travagans White DAC/Amp with Burr-Brown Japan PCM2702 No matter WHAT player/plug-in I use, the volume slider in Windows Vista can still...
  3. sirmasterboy

    Travagans Green or XM5 for first Dac/Amp?

    I would like to have sort of a poll here for people with much more experience to weigh in what they think is the better option. I am looking to get my first DAC and Amp to drive HD600's from my PC and laptop. I have narrowed it down to: Practical Devices XM5 Practical Devices Corporation...
  4. sirmasterboy

    Full-sizeis always better then portable?

    I've often seen people mention in many threads that a Full-size amp is always better than a portable for price-SQ ratio. If this is true, could anyone tell me what I should be buying instead of a XM5 DAC/Amp. It costs $277 shipped and contains TI's best DAC chip and from the reviews I have read...
  5. sirmasterboy

    Octavart DAC/Amp + HD600 OR ATH-AD900 + iBasso D2 Boa

    My main question is would the HD600 sound worse than the ATH-AD900 when driven by a lesser Amp like the Octavart simply because it has a higher impedance and is harder to drive? Because I would like to stick with the HD600 and drive it with a lesser Amp for my first setup but want the...
  6. sirmasterboy

    Best DAC/Amp for HD600 for $200?

    I am purchasing a new pair of HD600s and am looking for recommendations for a good DAC/Amp to drive them properly. I really don't want to spend over $200 for it either. I was told the iBasso D2 Boa was a great value for $187 and I like the portability option of it. I do not necessarily need...
  7. sirmasterboy

    Recomendations For My 1st Audiophile Cans

    First of all, I'm looking to spend around $200 for my first pair of audiophile headphones. I've always been an avid music lover, I've played the trombone for almost 10 years now and listen to a very wide variety of music. My main source for audio is my Desktop PC which has an X-Fi in it and I...