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  1. Fafner

    Grado PS-1000 and symphonic music

    I recently came across a swiss shop which does carry this Grado at a decent price (other said: more or less at the american price and not at the usual x2 european price)... I read most impressions posted in this forum but I couldn't find much specific to my needs. Basically, I listen almost...
  2. Fafner

    B52/Raptor owners, what tubes do you prefer with the HD800?

    I know this depends from the source too, but just curious...what tubes are you preferring witht his headphone?
  3. Fafner

    Recommended tubes for the B-52?

    Being the B-52 my first (and I guess it will last some years) go into tubes world, I'm just curious about the possibility of improving its already impressive sound. Considering my source, my cans (see my signature), and my preference for great symphonic works, are there some recommendations...
  4. Fafner

    Interconnects...question about capacitance

    While waiting for my B-52 to arrive, I'm choosing some balanced interconnects to link it to my Marantz SA-7S1. Following some reviews, I've come to the conclusion of buying cables from Vacuum State. They produce two types of cables: one with an high capacitance and ultra-low inductance, the...
  5. Fafner

    GS1000 balanced vs unbalanced

    While waiting for my Apache to arrive, I'm thinking about headphones connections. Of course, the interconnect source-amp will be a balanced one. Probably, I'll order some balanced interconnects for my HD650, although I haven't used that heapdhone very much recently. But I've to admit that I'm...
  6. Fafner

    Finally my SA-7S1 arrived.

    After a wait of exactly 3 months (!) I finally got my new player this morning. Just attached it to my Meier Opera to start the traditional burn-in. Until this will be over, I won't go into comments. It looks built like a tank (and weights like a tank, eheh). Couldn't be happier as for now.
  7. Fafner

    Marantz SA-7S1 + Grado GS1000/Senns HD650 + ?

    I'm planning to upgrade my old SA-17S1 to this new, high-end model (once it arrives on the european market). Recently, I almost only use my Grado headphones, although I sometimes like to use my old HD650 too. I listen 100% classical, mostly large-scale symphonic music. I currently own an...
  8. Fafner

    Marantz SA-17S1's filter?

    I just got this player. I'll use it mainly with my HD650 paired with my Emmeline XP-7. What do you sugget as filter setting (normal/custom)? I couldn't find any hints about the frequencies that the filter cuts when set to NORMAL...when set to this position, is the full potential of the...
  9. Fafner

    DVD Audio + SACD in one device...exists??

    Haven't found a device that is compatible with all formats yet...does one exists? Maybe even portable???
  10. Fafner

    Emmeline XP7 vs PPA?

    Just curious...these amps seem to be the most discussed in these days...but anyone compared them yet...what's your preference? I mean especially on sound quality and power. I know the XP7 is a portable one, can be powered with batteries, and most of all you don't have to deal with battery packs...