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  1. Cactus108

    Looking for a well built DAP that supports Tidal.

    Hey all, I'm searching for a cheap dap ~$250 USD that can support tidal and it relatively well built. I had a hiby r6 pro and 2 units both had their 3.5mm jack break within 2 weeks of me using it, so I think I want to avoid hiby products unless I got really unlucky with 2 lemons. I work in a...
  2. Cactus108

    Need help choosing between a Kaiser Encore and EE Legend X.

    Hello, I am choosing between a Noble Kaiser Encore and an Empire Ears Legend X. Looking at the black friday sale for the Legend X, I see that It costs around 1950 dollars to get a CIEM, whereas the Kaiser Encore would set me back 1350 for a full reshell from AAW, including shipping there and...
  3. Cactus108

    LCD-X Cable

    Hello, I just purchased an Audeze LCD-X. I'm quite pleased with them. I was just wondering if purchasing a custom cable would give the cans a noticeable improvement; I'm not expecting anything drastic but you get what I mean. My budget is $150, I researched a bit and moon audio cables are great...