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  1. JSTpt1022

    Interesting musical reference in Lost

    I was just wondering if any Lost fans here caught the interesting musical reference in tonight's (3/16) episode. Somewhere about halfway through the episode when Locke reached out a hand to help Kate up, Giacchino quite clearly quoted the vulgarized idea fixe from the fifth movement of Berlioz'...
  2. JSTpt1022

    I like shirts with headphones on them...

    Lets throw some support at this one over at shirt.woot. Also, share some shirts you've found that are currently available.
  3. JSTpt1022

    GE Transportation Internships

    I was recently offered a summer electrical engineering internship at GE Transportation. Does anyone have any experience with this company or with their internship program that they want to share before I make a decision? I'm also interested in pay scale although we probably shouldn't discuss...
  4. JSTpt1022

    Overclocking and power supplies

    Hi all, I've never really messed around with overclocking too much, despite having the gear for it as well as truly epic cooling capacity. But I recently got into folding@home and I've started dabbling a little bit in an effort to lower my frame times. First, I guess I should run down the...
  5. JSTpt1022

    Simulating with PSPICE

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to simulate a basic Cmoy with a Burr Brown 2134 op amp with PSPICE but I feel as if I've been groping around in the dark. I have a few questions that I hope some of you EEs and DIYers out there can shed some light on. -The basic thing I've been trying to simulate...
  6. JSTpt1022

    Parting of the Sensory

    Over in the Favorite Songs of 2007 thread someone posted a link to I went over there and searched for what I had posted as my favorite song of the year, "Parting of the Sensory" by Modest Mouse. I was shocked to find what the majority of the people there believe this song is...
  7. JSTpt1022

    Fergie paid $4 million for product placement 6 For those of us who thought the record industry was getting pretty bad as it is. Things just got a little worse.
  8. JSTpt1022

    Sale on PX100 at Newegg

    Just a heads up. Senn PX100 $36.99 on Newegg with promo code: EMC608FSENN1.
  9. JSTpt1022


    Who saw the finale? Impressions, thoughts, ideas, theories. Love it or hate it, doesn't matter.
  10. JSTpt1022

    ER-6 v. ER-6i

    I'm getting very close to pulling the trigger on one of these but I am looking for some specifics on their differences from people with experience with either. Some background. I find that my ipod is practically useless without great isolation. Read: better than the hd280s listed below. My...