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    Delete please

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    Missing feature in the advanced search page

    sorry. posted by mistake in the wrong place. reposted in the right place. mods please delete this one if possible
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    This poll is reserved only to SR-007 owners who have heard both and have had the time to compare them Correction: the poll is for the MK1 vs Mk2 I am relatively new to the Stax world and have been captivated by electrostatics. I am not really interested on any dynamic cans at this pont. I...
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    On custom IEM's and the benefits of competition

    This is a good year to buy customs. With the new entry in the field, JHAudio, Westone and UE better watch out. I wonder when the japanese maker of a hybrid custom will figure out is good business to sell worldwide. What do you think is the next breakthrough? Can they increase the soundstage to...
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    You guys need to get a life!

    Its friday night. We are at home. Wife and son are reading their respective books. I am walking around with my DT 880's on my head and a portable amp/iPod for mobility to go back and forth to the kitchen while posting away at headfi. My wife looks at me funny like why do you have those on your...
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    Is the DAC In the Box any good?

    I could not find a whole lot about this DAC. I find it interesting because it has an optical input, which would be great for my Mac. What do you guys think? "DAC In the Box" Super Pro
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    What happened to davidzhezhe's store for Little dot amplifiers in ebay?

    I have looked for his store and for Little Dot amplifiers. Other than one item at Jasmine's store they are nowhere to be found. Anybody knows what's going on?