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  1. ZepFloyd

    Best ~100 IEM for general gameplay/music listening at pc

    pretty much what the title says: looking for some IEM's that are decent for around $100 USD. I don't mind if its bass heavy.
  2. ZepFloyd

    anyone know where i can purchase a archos 5 or 7?

    i'm looking at archos website but it seems rather confusing. are the archos discontinued rather quickly? im looking at just getting one of the archos that is the archos version of linux shell. not an android based archos. thanks. 
  3. ZepFloyd

    Anyone Podcast?

    So I have been listening to podcasts for awhile now...I tossed the idea around with my friend that we should start one rather jokingly...but it seems we might actually get a little more serious and actually do so. I was wondering if anyone can recommend the type of equipment you use or know is...
  4. ZepFloyd


    so i recently decided to check out ubuntu...first time linux user. i realized there are a lot of different linux systems out there. a lot with live cds where you can just test the systems out. what are your guys favorites?...i'll look into them
  5. ZepFloyd

    Drum oriented music

    I was wondering if anyone knew of some music that was more drum oriented. I dont know if there are any, but maybe a band that is instrumental but all drums, or mostly drums. It doesnt have to be an instrumental, but really any music that is just overpowered with a lot of drums. Anyone have any...
  6. ZepFloyd

    Z-5500 Question

    So I just got my Z-5500's and i'm having trouble getting them to play music. i have the 6 channel direct plugs in (green, orange,black) both the back of the volume control and my comp. i'm thinking it has more to do with my comp than the plugs. i dont have a sound card...maybe thats it? but when...
  7. ZepFloyd

    [INTERNET] Overage Fees?

    Cable Broadband Users, Get Ready For Overage Fees - Clear caps? Great. $1.50/GB Overage fees? Wait a !@$% minute... - this could be interesting..i know its been talked about for awhile now. looks like its going to start happening rather quickly. the comments are funny, it...
  8. ZepFloyd


    Was wondering what type of keyboards everyone here has...i've been thinking about getting this: so what keyboard do you have?
  9. ZepFloyd

    Headamp GS-1 or Gilmore Lite?

    So I think i'm going to be looking into getting one of these two amps. I also plan on getting one of the cambrige cd players at some point. Which amp would be the best route to hook up to the cambridge? Any feedback is appreciated
  10. ZepFloyd

    Setting up ASIO

    So I read in the amp forum about something called ASIO. The poster said to d-load foobar which I did, I also found a site for a ASIO driver, got that as well. I also d-loaded the ASIO output device for foobar. I extracted that file into the component folder as stated on the foobar site. My...
  11. ZepFloyd

    Grado SR325i's

    So now that I have some cash from x-mas, think i'm going to take a dive into my first real headphones. From reading this board it seems the SR325i's are pretty solid. Just one question though, are they a good pair for just about every type of music. I mainly listen to Rock, Alternative...
  12. ZepFloyd

    Grado SR 125 vs. Grado 325i's

    I'm looking to get some Grados, initially while looking around on the grado site, I thought i'd go with the SR 125's. Someone posted a link to this forum for me to check out. Saw the 325i's owners club thread and am now thinking of getting those. My question is, are they worth the extra $...